Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aruba (147 photos), by sarah hill

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Labor Day in Aruba

I think I may be forming a new labor day tradition. I flew out Wednesday evening and headed down to Aruba for Andre's birthday. After waiting three long months after booking the trip the day finally came to get on the plane. Once we landed our driver took us around the downtown and gave us a brief history about the town and all of the hotels we passed. I have to say my heart was beating looking at the crystal clear water to our left getting more eager by the moment to get settled in.

I do have to say I was sad we didn't go see any of the island. Instead we layed under our tiki hut and read the majority of the trip. One day we went snorkeling on a pirate ship. We snorkeled a ship wreck, then moved to a coral section, and ended with an hour long swim session and jumping off the pirate swing. This was my favorite moment of the whole trip.

I do have to say this was the most relaxing trip I have ever been on. The island was extremely clean everyone was beyond friendly and the food was probably the best sushi and seafood I have ever had. I plan to go back very soon!