Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And I keep on trucking!

If you have ever decided that you want a new job and love to go, go, go, go and go a little more then go into event planning! This is what my life has been like for the past few weeks. Not bad though! It's been no stress just trying to time manage my life. The best part are the after work parties however. I remember living in Memphis and always going to free parties, social gathers, getting free goodies, etc. And now, it is starting up out here. Thursday I had my first cocktail party. It was the opening of a new spa out here. So we dabbled in the parafin treatments, got massages, and then enjoyed AWESOME food made right in front of our eyes. The kind of food you only see made on the food network.

Afterwards, me and some co-workers went up to Bub's bar on Garnet (Garnet is the Beale Street of PB.) Where I proceeded to call everyone I know down here, and yes, that is alot of people. So instead of relaxing I ended up running around the bar talking to everyone and their brother.... sounds like my life in Memphis. But it was great to finally feel like I had a network of friends. Oh and not to mention the Asst. Director of the Spa, Laura and I decided we should be friends and go out together.

So needless to say Thursday night ended late and Friday morning came to early. However, I still managed to interview 5 people on no sleep. Saturday however was a productive day. I finally found a sephora shop. If you have never shopped here I highly suggest ladies to go here to get your makeup and boys for your cologn.

Saturday afternoon followed by LOTS of football and meeting lots of new people. I went downtown San Diego with my friend John where we met up with probably 20 of his friends. We continued to cheer on the football and baseball games along with playing a few darts here and there. Not to mention, it was Italian Fest (we were in Little Italy.) The locals were drawing artwork on the sidewalks that put plenty of professionals to shame. Then we intermingled between the food booths. Not a bad afternoon that ended at 7 pm. Then we opted to stay out, eat a lil grub, and head back into the Gaslamp District and go dancing. Now, I have to say, I was called a flake this past Monday by someone else who lives down here because I opted to stay downtown where I was instead of going to Hillcrest to wander around art galleries. Note to self everyone, a 3- 4 cancellation policy isn't accepted by everyone. At first I was upset by the rude email I got.... not to mention all the other drama I was dealing with.... consoling people all weekend... and then this email after a crappy day of work. You know what, I don't regret anything- I gave ample warning and I offered for that friend to come join the 30 some odd people I was out with that evening- he opted not to. Lesson- you can only watch out for number one.... ok, bad lesson.

So, saturday night we ended up dancing the night away and heading back to a friends apartment downtown by 1:30 am. Then sunday arrived....... ok, people out here are so passionate about their football!! I was up and at em by 11:30 AM cheering on some yankee football teams...... yes, I hang out with lots of yankees out here. Then Sunday night ended with a cookout that I cooked but didn't even eat......

...... I'm exhausted, it's Wednesday, and I haven't caught up on my rest! But great news is Mom, Aunt B, Aunt Betty, and Aunt Sandy get here on Friday!