Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another gross yummie!

If you can't tell I have a slight obsession with food!

Today at lunch I found another food/ drink that sounded absolutely disgusting but is sooo good! I don't remember the name of it and plus I couldn't pronounce it if I tried. Being so close to the Mexican border we have so many great lil shacks you just pull up to and get real authenic Mexican food. So today, Ivonne and I decided to venture into what they call the ghetto. First, if that was a ghetto then the other side of the train tracks in Collierville is worse than this ghetto!

Anyhow, this is the description of the drink Ivonne told me to get- it's the dirty water rice is boiled in with cinnamon...... Needless to say, I'm working on my second glass. I think I just found my relpacement for sweet tea!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Customer Service reps make me hit my head against the wall....

Do people who have the job title customer service representative not realize their job is to listen to us bitch about their employers products? After dealing with Timewarner for the past three hours because I came home to find a fuzzy screen, they first sent me to the store to pick up a new box, then told me to wait until this weekend for a technician to come out. Let's not mention this is the one company it took 2 months to hook up my tv after I moved here. It's not like I really want to watch my DVD's anymore since I had to watch them for 2 months time after time!!

So, does my bill get compensated for this inconvenience?? Well, in Memphis you usually get a snappy answer in broken ebonics. In California I get a snappy answer in Spanglish. I mean seriously- until Saturday- it's only freakin Tuesday. I know I'm lazy but I do enjoy watching the news every morning. I do enjoy watching silly movies at night. And worst of all, I have now lost ALL of my t-vo'd items..... Wow, it's really the 21st century. I'm complaining because I lost silly movies like the princess bride, Count of Monte Cristo, I'll miss Starter Wife, and probably Army Wives, the horrible show Traveler. Thank goodness for the internet- I'll just watch stuff on here for the next 5 days(what I wouldn't give to be going out of town this week for work!)

Back to the main point though, I wish the unfriendly people in customer service realized they only worsten the situation when they snap back. Better yet, I wish Time Warner would work on their customers service responses instead of monopolizing the cable market.

Wahoo, here goes to a weekend of sitting around for the cable guy to show up on Saturday. Bahumbug.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A week of Memphians in Socal

Yup, in 4 days I had 6 Memphians come visit me! Plenty of fun was had in LA, Redlands, Del Mar, and La Jolla. I absolutely loved the visitors but I'm pooped and am ready to kick my feet back and just enjoy doing nothing now.

I made real pasta....from scratch!

I'm so excited, I bought a new cookbook- an Italian cookbook! And what's the best way to break it in....better yet, my kitchen in, is to splash flour all over the place while making noodles from scratch! I started off wanting to make ravioli but after rolling my dough and trying to flatten it, well my arms were too exhausted to even try to thin the dough even more for ravioli. So I settled for regular ole pasta noodles..... Trust me these were just as tough to continue to roll and cut out, but I did it, along with cooking the largest pot of spaghetti sauce. The sauce also was a new treat, it had carrots, celery, a bay leaf, onions, beef stock, chicken livers, pureed tomatoes, tomatoe paste, ground beef, and cured salted pork. It actually sounds gross but it was really good! Below are some pictures of the noodles. Enjoy- the red bowl has the finished product!