Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can Cancer Campaign

ok. Prepare to laugh. Here are some of the photos. I hope none of you are shocked by the go-go dancers outfits. What a fun night with Aja and Stephanie!

Monday, May 4, 2009

GOOO Padres!

I finally made it to my first Padres game. Great stadium even better company. GOOO Padres!

I heart Tapas

After a long week of work there's nothing better than getting a table at a tapa's restaurant, kicking back, and listening to music. This past weekend I tried a new place downtown with a friend. Of course i had to go for the bacon wrapped dates since this is my favorite tapas of all times but this place, Cafe Sevilla, had their dates stuffed with blue cheese (i'm getting hungry thinking about it).While we were at dinner the salsa dancers surrounded and entertained us. The food was amazing! The picture above is of their kabobs (sorry I couldn't see the camera I took my glasses off for the pic)_.... those kabobs were great. However, if this place isn't good enough you always can walk next door to the ceviche bar! I know my family definitely would love to eat there after all the ceviche we at during Christmas two years ago!!! (tapas) (ceviche rest.)

I did what??

A month and half ago I decided that TV no longer was going to be in my household. Sorry house guests, you don't get to plop in front of the tube next time you come to visit me unless we stop off at Blockbuster first. Surprisingly, it hasn't been too difficult. I have the perfect transition time as I study- granted I really miss spending these May Gray days on the couch Saturday while I watch HBO.... crazy huh?