Friday, June 6, 2008

The critics choices are in.... that's my opinion if your wondering

This week I have four opinions to share.
1. ironman- This movie totally is worth seeing. Yes, it does seem kind of PowerRangers at times but all in all I would give it two thumbs up! If you like action movies then you definitely will want to see this one.

2. Sex and the City- Definite two thumbs up. I guess it is time to face the facts- the ladies of STC have grown up. The movie however does not miss a beat on how the tv show depicted their lives at all!

3. Indiana Jones- Two thumbs down. I don't know whether it was my cold that made this movie miserable, which most likely wasn't the case since we watched Ironman first, or the fact Rick fell asleep in it 3 different times. I would say the ending gets better than the beginning but I don't know- we left after the movie kept getting worse and worse.

4. McDonalds Southern Chicken Sandwich- Half a thumb- Come on McDonalds, you will never be Chick Fil A! The sandwich was good but let's face it, the Polynesian Sauce makes the Chick Fil A Sandwich

- yes these are my random thoughts!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon and updates

This weekend Rick finally moved back to San Diego. However, two short days later he was back on another airplane leaving town. This week he is off to Vegas- the city that is to much fun and should only be visited once a year!! Before he left however he completed the Rock n Roll Marathon with a time of 4 hrs and 21 minutes. When he crossed I was in the secure zone with some of my old work crew and greeted him earlier than he expected. He didn't seem fazed he had just ran 26.8 miles (the course was longer than 26.2). The only thing he was aggravated about was at mile 20 his radio got wet when he splashed himself and quit working. So then he was forced to listen to the bands on the side of the street.

On a side note, I got a new job. I no longer am doing event or meeting planning. Over the past few years I have really grown to want my nights/ weekends like everyone else. Plus the pay hardly ever let you pay your bills. So I am please to announce I am a project coordinator for a company called Bedrock Technologies here in San Diego. I will be responsible for managing various tasks between two vendors, Qualcomm Communications and Hitachi Data Systems. Watch out weekends and holidays, I'm finally free!!