Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mean People, Free Gear, and Skunks- what a weekend

Ok, so this is the third time I'm writing this blog. First time I was aggitated. Second time I was delirious and put to many names and comments. This time, well I have let a few days pass, gotten a little more sleep, and thought about so many things that I hae witnessed this weekend. After a GREAT chit chat with Meg Sunday night I decided I had to change this last blog to be a positive note but I will let you know the negatives of the weekend as well.

So, this weekend I headed to Carlsbad, California for the Carlsbad marathon. With beauftiful weather on race day, this weekend was completely different from last weekend. It's funny, this weekend was more of a "smaller event." However, smaller consists of right at 10,000 runners and who knows how many attendees.

Why exactly did I get aggravated? Well people, when you sign up for events and have issues please don't take it out on the volunteers. Let's always remember the wonderful saying, "don't shoot the messenger." When you get mad at the volunteers that's exactly what you are doing, you are quickly shooting the messenger. I guess the early morning really caught up to me when I listened to someone yell at one of our volunteers. Then again, I guess I used my authority and in a not so friendly but not yelling tone, I let them know they crossed the line. Wow- me actually standng up to an older individual- oh yea!!

Anyhow, after all that went down the day went wonderful and like last week the end of the race consisted of just heartfelt moments. Both this week and last week Team in Training stayed until their entire team completed the marathon even though every individual had left the spectator spots, streets were reopened, and breakdowns had begun. However, TNT did not even notice this actions, they just waiting and cheered for thier team. This race they raised $500,000 for the charity. If that won't get you then this just will. Following the final TNT marathoner crossing the finish line we were updated only one runner remained on the course. If nothing else will motivate you workout then this just might. The final marathoner was blind! Walking all 26.3 miles with her seeing cane she crossed the finish line. Oh but it gets better- this isn't her first marathon, in fact she's well into completing several marathons!

Ok, now onto another topic. So everyone who likes to snack or is a health nut (in the kindest form put) I found some health bars that are pretty descent. They are called Larabars. They have so many flavors- I think Banana, Pecan Pie, Strawberry, and Gingersnaps were my favorite. I definitely needed water afterwards, but they would be a good snack and not healthy.

After spending 6 hours in my apartment from my Carlsbad return I have hit the road again. Tracy I'm definitely becoming a road warrior like you!! So now I sit here in St. George's Utah for the Champion Chip North American Conference. (Champion Chips are the timing chips we use in all our races.) So as we arived to meet the Netherland Company and all the other vendors from across North America we definitely were sidet tracked by the BEAUTIFUL scenery. It definitely is undescribable! I promise I will invest in a camera soon enough. So, we get here and first off I'm given a free snow ski jacket, fleece, and other goodies. Then I head to the houses we have rented.. one word .. Damn! So my balcony overlooks I think the 13th green. Yea, forgot to mention I'm inside a golf resort. Our house is state of the art over looking the redrock mountains, a little lake that's fronzen minus the 2 ft were the ducks are swimming, the lush green golf course. With a push of a button the shades come down, the fireplace lights, or the jacuzzi starts to be filled. Man all other conferences just got put down but this!

However, mom got a good chuckle out of this call. The six hour drive out here had some humor and smell to it. So this morning when I went to pickup another employee I noticed a smell when I got out of the car. Thinking it smelled a little like smoke I instantly thought my car had a problem. Then I knocked on the door and found out his dogs had been sprayed by a skunk. So he smelled like skunk for all six hours!! See there's still some humor to life for me!

Well, as I sit here looking at my lovely fire and the mountains I will leave on this note- Y'all better be nice to any volunteers you ever come across or I will be very very angry at you!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Phoenix AZ- PF Chang Rock N Roll Marathon

WEll, I have survived the first weekend of work. Cold and chlly yet exciting. We arrived in Phoenix on Wednesday evening and started to unload all of the equipment. After setting up over 15 computers for our section of the registration we called it a night. The next few days we prepared for the expo which brought in over 35,000 runners and their families and friends. It was really interesting trying to learn all the new protocals, proceedures, and ways to operate. First, was the chips and how we assign each chip to every runner and how we link this to their appropriate bib number and put this into the computer system. Then I was off to Solutions. This area is where all questions are answered and problems are solved. This was difficult because there were so many different answers and things to consider, but I think I have a good idea of what to do now.

Race day- Well, I was told I was lucky since we were getting to sleep in so late. Sunday morning, day of the race, I only had to wake up at 4:30 AM to be onsite at 5 AM. Let me tell you, at 5 AM in the dark in Phoenix when it is in the teens it's cold! Rason for getting there so early is to open up the solutions tent to let all those runners who didn't make it to the expo (which was alot due to all the runners who's planes were delayed due to the ice storms.) So we setup and then proceeded to the finish line to work on collecting the times, back up times, collect chips, sort chips and every other miscellaneous thing. So you see it was just another day on the job.

Besides the work aspect we did get to enjoy some of our time in Phoenix. I think one of the best things I'm going to be excited about while working for this group is we love to eat! Everyone is willing to try new foods of all natures. So this weekend I got to try Persian food for the first time and I found it to be really good! I also had eel on my sushi which was sooo good. So you see I stil am trying new things!!