Thursday, May 10, 2007

Be patient

....ok be patient with me. I'm trying to update my blog to fit more my personality and add all the changes. This means, I'm trying to learn how to write HTML codes to make these edits so it most likely will keep changing daily until perfected....uhhhhhhh

A Long Flight Ago

A long time ago the Wright Brothers decided they wanted to break barriers and fly like the birds they watched in their backyard. Thus launched their career and discovery of aerodynamics. The new concept of many flying like birds quickly became the craze and was seen around the world. Just as most inventions, the world jumped the gun and urged individuals to create faster more efficient products to sell. Further further down the road came the concept of aircraft carriers to take individuals from destination A to destination B for a large price at the time.

Again, later down the road the airplane was perfected, the prices were slashed, at least we will say they were, and even serving a meal was introduced to the mile high organization. Flying quickly became the most efficient way to get around. With a smaller risk of being hurt than an automobile it was no wonder planes were produced in mass production to meet the populations demands.

As most know, I am constantly on the road and flying at least every other week. With more bad and inconvenient stories I have been extrememly aggravated over the past months. I believe the past 7 out of 9 flights were either delayed, cancelled, postponed, rescheduled, sat on the tarmax for an hour and half, disturbed due to a tornadoe, and what ever other excuse you would like to know. Well, after much bitching to friends and family after the 38 hr flight from hell which should have taken a total of 4.5 hours US Airways got to hear my ENTIRE frustration with a 6.5 page letter. The other night I was thinking about how not even an email, phone call or letter was written to at least apologize. This frustrated me once more.

Today, I checked the mail like usual and there was a letter from US Airways. Short, simple, sweet, and to the point.
"We are sorry to inconvenience you as a passenger. We hope you will consider flying with US Airs again. Please accept this free credit for a ticket." As Meredith Grey would say, "Seriously" it was that short! Of course this comes two days after I purchase a ticket for Jennifer's wedding! Oh well, we all know I need airfare tickets.

I guess my point if there is one, it seems the airlines have spent years on perfecting the aircraft to what they think is perfection. Yet they have built so many planes they do not have the manpower to maintain these crafts properly. Therefore, we as the clients are the ones to suffer with missing our families, appointments, and so much more. So just write a letter because it seems now they have focused all of their manpower on PR efforts to keep things afloat and clientele happy.

Hey I got my free ticket! Let's just hope Northwest doesn't pull a 40 hr trip next week when I fly home for Lauren's wedding!