Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Random Fun

Well, it's half a month into 2008 and I have not sat down but one day since the New Year rolled in. As I sit in the Phoenix airport (the story of my life) I thought I'd update all y'all with the insane life of Baby Hill.

As most of you already know I didn't get to make it back to the home of the blues and visit all my friends for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thanksgiving was spent with friends in San Diego- in a unique new tradition that many frown upon and Christmas was spent sipping lots of tequila on the beaches of Cozumel. The trip started with a hectic rush to the airport as I sat on the interstate not moving for one hour. Luckily as I came running into the airport I had about 5 minutes to throw my bags on the conveyer belt and sprint through security (thank goodness for small airports!)Then came the fun, sitting in LAX. I am finally convinced that LAX is by far the most miserable airport full of rude people who hate their job. Anywho, that didn't detour my trip one bit. That morning I arrived in Cozumel and luckily got to bypass about 100 people standing in customs since I saw Lauren stick her skinny arm up and the air and motion me to cut in line... hey after being stuck in an airport all night, cutting in line and being yelled at in a language I hardly understand was the least of my concerns.

The trip was phenonmenal!! Jason, Barrie, and Joe showed us all around the island and took us to great restaurants. We rented two little villas on the North Side of the island and walked literally 50 ft to the ocean. Each night consisted of drunk card games and Heather or Lauren getting mad at someone for a smart ass remark.... Note: our family is full of CHEATERS, except me of course!! But all in all it was great. Lauren even taught us a new game of Left, Right, Center, which I am bound and determined to teach everyone next weekend when we go out. Unfortunately, there were no games of spoons. I think we were scared of hurting each other like during the last spoons game of pickwick.

After the fabulous week in Cozumel I headed straight back to San Diego, picked up Ginny from the airport, and prepped to bring in 2008 in style, disco ball style that is. You see, my fabulous fabulous fabulous New Years dress deemed me the nickname "Disco Ball" for the evening. With my gold stilettos and silver sequin dress I headed out with the girls to the Torrey Pines Golf Course for a great night brining in 2008. With 8 different rooms of music, free alcohol all night, and 6000 people- I partied like a rockstar with all my new found friends in San Diego...... Of course there has to be drama and it came the first of the evening when I lost my debit card. I guess there's a first for everything which just had to come right at the first of the year. I think besides that, being sprayed in the face with champagne was the only other bad thing of the night.... I have to say 2008 rocks so far.

Right after NY08 it went back into work mode. With a little Rock Band (play station 3 mom and dad) here and there, I actually have been productive over the past few weeks. I now am sitting in the airport awaiting a delayed flight back home. For the past week we have been at the Wigwam Golf Resort and Spa for a Pharmaceutical National Sales Meeting. After a rocky start, it's safe to say it ended well. WE just heard as we departed we will be able to plan the 2009 NSM, which I'm so excited about!! The group was so fun and friendly, unlike many clients I have worked with in the past. Next on the travel plans- Vegas, birthday, possibly a quick snowboarding trip, South Beach, and DC...... maybe I'll see my apartment here soon.

OMG, I almost forgot the best thing----- Heather is headed out here for the big 25.. Wahoo, she's totally going to fall in love with San Diego.