Monday, November 3, 2008

A Rockin Weekend

A few months back i was struggling what to get my best friend for her birthday. Two hours before her birthday it finally hit me --- Ray Lamontagne tickets. I have to admit it was a present for myself more so than her. However, it just so happened he was her favorite artist... so I hit jackpot! Well, the concert finally came this past weekend. So we dressed up and headed to Spreckles. Now if any of you have ever been to the Orpheum in Memphis this is exactly the type of theatre Spreckles is. So we hiked up to the nosebleeds and settled in for the greatest show I have ever watched. First Leonna Naess kicked off the evening. I had never heard her before but downloading some of her songs is on my list tonight. Then Ray came on. I have to say he was the most humble artist i have ever heard. He only faced the audience once and finished the show with two encores. There's one popular song most of you might have heard and that's Trouble. When he finally song Trouble I have to say chills went down my spine. All in all, this show was AMAZING. If you have never heard him before I highly suggest you get one of his three CD's (#2 is highly recommended). It's perfect for a dinner party or just a casual background music.