Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just another bumming around weekend

Once again, I will reiterate that I LOVE my life! I don't think I have quit smiling since I got to San Diego, and this weekend was just another example of a great time! Why? It's because we did absolutely nothing that cost money- yet had more fun than if we had spent money. It all started off on Friday night when we (Jenny and I) were supposed to go out for happy hour with some guys we met the weekend before. However, since nobody was picking up there phones when I wanted them to, I decided to change happy hour from the local pub across the street to my roof. Yes, my roof became the official new Friday happy hour joint for several people this week. It was so much fun we decided to hang out there until 3 am staring a the beach, laughing, meeting my neighbors, and singing to whatever was on the stereo system on the roof. I can't wait to do it all over again! Although, hopefully next time it will be warmer. You see, a front came through that day and the marine layer hung around all day..... so my ski jackets and blankets were broken out to keep everyone warm. Not that I'm complaining a 60 degree night is bad, but when there is a whipping wind off the ocean it feels like it's 40.

Saturday: Saturday started off with breakfast in La Jolla with John (another new friend.) Ok, if anyone ever tells you Potatoe Cakes with apple sauce and cream cheese is good- don't listen!!! That is the nastiest crap I have ever eaten! The Potatoe cakes were fabtabulous though. After breakfast we ventured up to Mount Soledad- I highly recommend you check out this view if you have never seen it! You can see up and down the entire coast line, all of Coronado Island and beyond. After breakfast I headed out with Natalie and Jenny to the Adams Street Festival. This was so much fun! There were 6 different stages, an assortment of vendors selling stuff, food of all types galore (thai, chinese, Jamaican BBQ, corn dogs, kettle corn, and everything in between. ) So we definitely pigged out for both Saturday and Sunday on different food. But in the meantime we also caught lots of good acts.

I also have decided I'm going to start a page of : what were they thinking? on here. This weekend I have seen more people dressed ridiculous!! I even saw a man who looked like Jesus dancing next to me, an 70 year old grandma dressed up as a hooker, and much much more. So feel free to send me a picture if you see someone who should go on the :what are they thinking page!

(sorry pics will go up soon- I forgot my camera cord at home)

Then this morning before I headed to the Adam's Street Festival again I went to Balboa Park to see some friends who were working a 10K race. I still don't know how people have enough energy at 6 am to party much less run. Yes, these were the happiest people in the world! Plus there were some great bands playing... for free of course! I swear you definitely can get fed and entertained at the finish line of a running race! If you are broke, like most of us are, go to one of these and you will make out much better than when you started the day off.

So, as you can tell me and my firends have had a blast all weekend. I wish however, the week wasn't alreayd here I feel like I have been on the go!