Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pics of the SD Fire

So I couldn't get to close but here are two photos. Notice the smoke.

Trick or Treat

Bzzzz I'm a bumble bee! This year Halloween surpassed all others! Friday night we had a house party that had an incredible amount of people..... wow i've met alot of folks so far! Plus some other random pics from this weekend.

Girls Weekend

Ok, sorry, I know this is long overdue but with the fires out here last week I never had a chance to upload my pics. So, mom, Aunt Betty, Aunt Sandy, and Aunt B all came out to see me. Trust me when I say they brought their party shoes and lived it up. Friday afternoon they flew in before I was off work and walked up and down the boardwalk and probably a mile and half down to my apartment.By the time I finally was able to get them on the phone on my way home from work they had already wandered down to Raphael's- this really cute, good , and inexpensive restaurant a block from my house. However, before they went they did not know it was a brown bag kinda restaurant. Needless to say I rescued the moment when I arrived by pulling a bottlel of wine out of my purse..... to bad none of us could open it because we weren't strong enough! After dinner mom, Aunt B, and Aunt Betty all partook in what is now a tradition of sitting on the roof Friday nights. You see, we had probably 3 hours to kill before Aunt Sandy's plane arrive. So, we popped open another bottle of wine and took in the sites. Well, at least we took in the sites for 2.5 hours before my landlord came to the roof and kicked us off for being to noisy....... yes we got kicked off. I'm still in shock!! But it was for a good laugh.

The next day we started off really early with the farmers market. Then we were off to do some site seeing. First, we hopped aboard a boat and took a tour throughout the bay learning about different sites and areas. Then we walked down to the seaport village and had lunch, did a little shopping, and wandered some more. After this we headed over to Coronado Island and looked at the famous hotel over there and walked along the beach. Then I took everyone back to the hotel to clean up for dinner and do a little more shopping (hey it was Macy's one day sale I definitely had to hit that up!!) From the beginning of the trip Aunt Sandy and Aunt B were looking for good margaritas and trust me I think we found a pretty damn good one that night. After we left the mall we stopped in at this cute and authenic looking mexican restaurant. I know I myself can't wait to go back there with some friends!!

Sunday was a busy busy day. First we started off with a massive breakfast at the Firehouse. Trust me, if you ever come out here be sure to share breakfast here. But I think it is safe to say we all LOVED our food. Then I took the girls down Garnet Street for some more shopping. We stopped off in this one store that has close to 15 seperate shops in it. All the locals rent a spot inside the store and each bring in their own items to sell. This always is fun to wander around in. I think the girls enjoyed going in here. Then we were off to the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is massive!! To save time and try to see as much possible we took a bus around the zoo then walked to the gorilla section. I don't even think we saw 1/3 this. I do want to go back and ride the gondola. Yes, how many zoo's do you know that have gondola's? Then we were off for a quick shower and RnR before dinner. Tonight we ate at this really good seafood restraunt on the boardwalk in PB and shared in a dessert for mom's birthday. I think I ate better this entire weekend than normally!! And yes, I got plent of leftovers to enjoy for the next week.

All in all I think it is safe to say the girls all enjoyed seeing San Diego. They definitely will have to come back so we can go tour the vineyards and get massages but we did see so much while they were here. I was glad to have company and visit with everyone during their stay. I will leave the rest of the story telling about their San Diego trip to each one of them!