Wednesday, March 4, 2009

....Studying is not fun!

A few weeks ago I started preparing for my PMP exam by taking step one, signing up for a PMP Exam Prep course. The classes consist of an all day Saturday study session for 6 consecutive Saturdays. Each week I have anywhere from 3-6 chapters to basically memorize, online tests, podcasts to listen to, and study groups to attend. Somehow during all of this "school work" i am supposed to actually complete my normal work week... Needless to say, I have had many nights like tonight, sitting at Cafe Solana a few blocks down the street from my house, drinking way to much coffee trying to actually focus and taking way to many notes that I will never memorize. People, let me tell you NEVER go back to studying after you graduate from school. Keep the pattern in one direct path and do school fully through then look for a job. I seriously feel for anyone who goes back to school part time while working a full work week..... Last but not least, let's just pray that all these long nights pay off and I pass on my first sitting of this test (which as my teacher nicknamed it "The Bitch") because if not, then I'm basically back on step one since the book of my life, PMBOK, is being revised and reproduced to a new edition-- therefore, conveniently changing the test questions in June...uhhhhh.