Thursday, December 6, 2007


Yes, I know, I have been MIA on my blog here lately- here's the sad part, it has only taken me three weeks to write this one entry. Yes, I started this three weeks ago. Let's just say work has definitely picked up! Over the past two weeks we have had three programs, 1 in SD, 1 in LA, and 1 in San Jose (which is currently where I'm typing from.) The funny thing is all three clients are completely different, from having all types of wants and needs to being laid back to the governement..... can you guess which one I had the least stress with.

So, let's see where the update should begin..... Well, I have been really single and going on lots of dates and getting good food here lately. Lots of tall boys too- I have been wearing my tallest heels when I go out with these guys, it's fabulous to feel like every other girl finally. Next, I have joined a girls group which meets every Tuesday night. One girl is responsible for cooking, one brings a movie, and the other brings the wine. If you know of any "cool and sane" girls in SD who you think should join definitely let me know! Work, well work has been busy and stressful over the past week. I suppose once I adjust to the way things are done in this office it will get better, until then-..... There have been plenty of nights out with all of the friends. Oh, speaking of friends, my college friend Jennifer Shook came out to stay with me one weekend. It actually was a GREAT weekend. She flew in Friday from NYC and we had a casual night at my house with a bottle of wine just gossiping about life. Saturday we started off with breakfast on the beach at my favorite place, Firehouse and then hit up the boardwalk home. Next we hopped in the car and headed to Temecula 45 minutes away for wine tasting. Since this was my first time to go on a wine tasting tour I had no idea what to expect. The last time I did a wine tasting was when I was 15 in France..... needless to say we didn't pound the bottles of wine the weekend Jennifer was here like we did in France. once we arrived in Temecula we stated off at this one Winery and tasted probably 7 glasses. There were lots I liked and probably only one I didn't like. Next we decided to stop off and get a late lunch at one of the cafes at the winerys. Well, late lunch turned into appetizers followed by the next winery. And yes, at this point I didn't drink anything else.

After the winery we hoped in the car and headed for SD to get ready for Natalie's birthday dinner with her family. So after we got dressed we immediately headed downtown and had a great Mediterranean dinner with Natalie, her boyfriend Al, her dad, stepmom, uncle, two best friends from high school, Jennifer, Jenny, and me. Later one of Al's roommates got us into Ivy this really exclusive hot spot in SD, actually the new hot spot in Southern LA. After exploring the first two floors of the club, dancing, and having a good time we met some people who got us into the VIP level on the roof. This was such a sweet spot over looking the entire city. So we proceeded to lounge in the cabanas and be spoiled since we NOW had an undending supply of table service..... I love nights when me and my friends look pretty!

Then I had another two visitors this past weekend..... Mom and Dad! Yup, they flew in for a quick weekend after their trip in San Francisco. I have to say, everytime they are here SD has the oddest weather. It doesn't live up to the best weather ever. When I moved here they were have a heat wave- all you Southerners will love this, the heat wave was 92 degrees farenheit! Ha, without humidity- some heat wave. Then when mom came out here last month we were having fires. Then there was this weekend, the monsoon rains. I'm really surprised we didn't have any landslides. I started off the weekend by taking them to one of my favorite restaurants in Little Italy where we got delicious delicous delicious food!! And yes, the left overs didn't make it for a day. Then on Saturday we headed out to the Wild Animal Park. I highly suggest you go see this if you are ever here. But if you opt to go in the winter time like us, take blankets!!! It was really interesting and I"m glad I finally got to see it. Next, we were off to have dinner with my two best friends. I think mom and dad were finally glad to put names to faces finally since all my stories include Jenny and Natalie. Then we were off to the airport early Sunday morning. Below is a pic of mom and I with the Macaw. Enjoy!

** Oh yea, I'll have to get a picture of me with the new hair.... I'm back to having dark dark hair!