Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the girls or the boys... or both?

I think it's comes as no surprise to anyone that I was a tom-boy growing up. Always playing in the dirt, the only girl playing sports, getting hurt, and well of course sporting one of my many t-shirts (most likely a swim t-shirt that mom literally stole and threw out.) Although I still am the sporty girl who has settled on giving up almost all of my sports, I have ventured far far away from being the Tom boy. So what sparks this topic tonight? Well, years ago the famous HBO TV series, Sex and the City, came out. At once it was an instance success among the women demographic and led the weekly watering hole topic sessions. Who was Carrie dating this week, was Scarlett ever going to find her Mr. Right or just her Mr. Right now? and so on and so on. Most girls and women enjoyed the show because it finally showed a lighter side to life and added the comedy we so wanted tv to finally discuss. It's no wonder HBO had a hit success on their hands.

Even I, once prior tom boy related to the four friends. I remember having all my friends ask me, " Which Sex and The City character do you most relate to? The classy one, the eccentric one, the skanky socialite, or the stuffy old worker? Well, depending on your mood of the week you related to just about all the girls at one point or another. Then the show went off air and was soon replaced with Entourage- the guys version of Sex and the City.

However, even though Sex and the City is gone I have found another show that I really relate to. You see, I'm still not a "girly girl." I dig sports, I don't mind getting dirty, and I mostly have all guy friends. So that in itself never really allowed me to relate with Sex and the City Characters, but it does allow me to relate to the "My Boys" characters. I don't know if any of you watch this show on TBS but it is about the one sporty professional girl and how she hangs out with all the guys. She's sporty, goes out with friends, yet maintains her own identity. This past week's episode however really had me cracking up. It played a spoof of PJ (sporty girl) and one of her college friends, a girl. The girl "used to be cool and hang out" however after college she moved to NYC and became a writer, aka Carrie Bradshaw. Here is an excerpt from the show My Boys when the friends meet up. Notice the mock Sex and the City characters....especially Samantha!

Copy and paste the link below into your browser. This is the 2nd clip of 3 (series title Douchebag in the City.)