Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When did I become that old person?

This is a question I have been asking myself several times a week lately. When did I become that old person? The question slowly arised a few months ago when I realized Friday nights in were more fun that going to the bar for a quick glance at the social scence. Or when my neighbors were partying in my courtyard at midnight on a weeknight and I found myself frustrated beyond belief. Or when I no longer found myself as a night owl, yet as a early morning riser.

So now that I have come to this scary realization I find myself looking at my actions even further to see if they indicate.....old. Oh boy they do! Last night I found myself on my phone yelling at my landlord for not shutting down the party in my courtyard at not midnight, not eleven pm, but ten pm. Yes, you read that right, ten pm. I often feel that I am the only person with a "grown up job" in my complex, thus, I need my sleep to function a full 8-10 hours at work. However, my cracktastic neighbor, who is a self proclaimed "made it for real this time" individual likes to O.D, party endless amount of hours, and sleep until her waitressing job kicks in. Must be a rough life thinking you "made it" in the real world being a waitress (note: there is nothing wrong with being a waitress- but don't think you've "made it" in the world. Think of it more as a stepping stone to making it.)

I also noticed I have become old because I can't study anymore. I just have found myself to exhausted at night to even pick up my PMP study materials and crunch down. I suppose that whole "exam" thing really isn't registering in my mind. Instead, an extra long shower and futal attempt to study seems to be my nights here lately.

So, if you are still reading this pointless blog i'm sure your still stuck on paragraph two with the fact I turned someone in for partying...yes, I seem to have left those days behind me and now focus on the "making it" role of life. Shocking how growing up really changes us!

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