Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can Cancer Fundraiser

If my life was crazy enough last week I signed up for a last minute event. my friend at work approached me to help her sister out for a fundraiser for St. Jude. Of course I immediately said yes then asked for details. the details, I was going to be a punk rock model at a club the next night. So I showed up to the club and was immediately plopped into a chair to have my hair done. There probably was 7 other models all of whom sat down after me and got up before me to get their hair done. That's ok, I made a new gay best friend while i sat there for the 2 hours having my hair teased and yanked!! The first hair design I was given was a mowhawk- it was sick! However, when i went i took my shirt off to change in the bathroom i broke a few of the spikes and we didn't have time to re-sculpt them. Instead they took the spikes and turned these into bubbles. It was even crazier! Then I was off to makeup. This thankfully didn't take as long because the photoshoots had begun and guests were already arriving. The rest of the night flew by. We talked to guests about what the event was for and took tons of pictures to hopefully be used in the campaign... we will see though, I'm sure I'll be cut out since i was the only non-model there! now, let's talk about models. They take themselves WAY too seriously. Seriously girls, eat something and have a little fun!