Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm a princess

.... did we ever doubt this? However, as much as my industry indulges on treating our clients and attendees like VIPs, I never see that treatment. Well, I finally did this past week. I had a "networking" event to attend Thursday afternoon for lunch. My boss decided it was best to spend the night at the resort it was being held on so we wouldn't have to worry about driving that morning in traffic. Here's the kicker, I didn't have to be there until 11 AM for the silent auctions.

With no objections, I went ahead and signed up for the meeting along with 700 other attendees. It was for the Site SoCal Holiday Party. It consisted of meeting planners, travel coordinators, and hotel representatives from all around SoCal and NorCal. Now, to the good stuff. I ended up working late on Wednesday evening and arrived to the resort after dark. With the uplighting and palm trees I could tell I was pulling into a palace. I swear the Grand Del Mar Resort is a hidden treasure!! So I arrive, valet my car, and head straight to the front desk. By this point all I wanted to do was take my heels off and enjoy a glass of wine with my colleagues at the very swanky bar. So, I check in, get escorted to my room, which has already been turned down and prepared for me to arrive. The TV was playing soft jazz music, one of the many lamps was turned on and the front desk attendant who walked me down started to tell me about my room. I was in such awe that I didn't hear one word. First, the room was larger than my entire studio. The view of the golf course from my little porch was amazing. Second, the bathtub could have fit 4 people in it. Let's not mention the enormous shower. I have to say I was disgusted once I made it to the back of the bathroom, this was after I passed the second plasma tv in my bathroom- the closet was next, as I walked in I wondered, how much this room cost. I could have slept in my closet!! So the attendant went ahead and departed leaving me in my shock. So I headed back to the bedroom passing my bar. Still in shock I just dove onto the bed and decided I wasn't heading down to the bar. I grabbed my bottle of wine, tasty lil treats, and soaked it all in in my enormous bath tub as I soaked in a great salt bath-- yup I had all the types of bath oils, salts, and bubble baths I wanted in my amenities.... This is what I'm talking about when I say my clients get treated well. The amenities the "planner" sent to my room consisted of a great bottle of wine, lots of lil treats to snack on, bath oils, salts, and bubble bath from the spa downstairs, and my favorite flowers- tulips and orchids!! I think they just got lucky on the flower one.

Don't think the princess 2 day extraganza is over yet! If you know me, you know I don't like to eat breakfast... Well, today was different. Since I was in this luxurious resort I had to treat myself to breakfast. I will say the eggs with scallions and some type of meat in them were damn good. Still lounging around in my robe I finally got dressed ( yes, I totally slept in and lived it up on a work day.) Next, was the meeting I was there for. I really wasn't sure what to expect but soon found out. There were roughly 150 items to bid on for a silent auction. Ranging from 7 Jeans for Mankind starting at $20 to trips all around the world. Now if I hadn't received my Christmas bonus the night before I might have been hesitant to even think about bidding- but then I remembered I wasn't taking a trip for my 25 bday anymore and decided to test my hand in luck. The decision was, do I bid on the 6 day trip to Bora Bora, Italy, Lisbon, the Rainforest, Whistler, China, or one of the other 100 destination packages?? So I made the first lap around the room meeting and mingling and decided to bid on something none of the "older" crowd would opt for. The 4 day vacation split at 2 different resorts with all meals and touristy packages and spa packages in the rainforest. Seriously people, you know I would do this in a heartbeat- especially since we were planning to go the rainforest in Costa Rica this year for the bday. So, I waited and waited and NO ONE bid on this the entire hour it was out. So I placed my starting bid at $275. Then some sneak old lady in an outfit that totally did not match or flatter her swooped in. Thinking I was sneaky, I waiting 1 minute before the sheets were pulled and out bid here. Excited with my steal I started to envision my vacation in the rainforest! Word to the wise folks, do smile until you know you have it. The sneaky old bat stole it from me outbidding me- you can only imagine how upset I was. I guess old people do know a think or two still. But what a steal -a vacation valued at close to $3000 I almost had for $300!!

So, then we headed into the luncheon where I received more gifts of Godiva Chocolates, misc goodies, and more bottles of wine. I enjoyed my delicious lunch which only consisted of Steak, Salmon, and Seared Ahi Tuna... Then I rolled my stuffed self back to the office and tried to work.

As long as this story is I finally found out how much my hotel room valued at for one night- $800. I highly suggest if you have the money to drop to stay here and treat yourself. Check it out at . I know i definitely want to go back- only it's free though! Definitely one of my favorite places out of the world now.