Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Viva Las Vegas to bring in 24

Well, I suppose as society teaches us I’m supposed to start moping around because I’m another year older…. I’m so glad I don’t follow society! Ha. No seriously, this year’s birthday by far was the best one yet. I think the best part was the fact I got to celebrate it with new and old friends. Trust me, it makes a world of difference to see a familiar face, a face that you actually want to see.

This year’s birthday celebration took place in the one and only Vegas. After hearing mom and dad always talk about how they used to head to Vegas with aunts and uncles for a weekend getaway I figured it was about time I did the same. So, I headed to the stratosphere and played with close to twenty some odd friends. We got on VIP lists for clubs, in VIP rooms, saw amazing things, ate incredible food, and even met a few “known” people…. Tall individuals who play in the NBA….. I know this always happens to me!!

Finally, last but not least two things before I go. I have had two cakes this year!! Yea- I know I’m a dork. Second, if you ever go to Vegas and need a dinner destination that will blow your mind head to Auerole located in the Madalayan Bay Casino. Not one of the cheapest meals I have ever been treated to, but definitely unique. During dinner you will be treated to a comfortable atmosphere and a taste from all around the world. As the tempting treats kept coming out my waiter brought out the most divine crème brulee, a big candle, and a box of chocolate their pastry chef sells for my birthday treat!

All I can say is what a birthday. Thanks for all the wishes guys!