Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The things I've learned on my own....

Last night as I drove home from a friends birthday party I realized I'm quickly approaching my 2 year anniversary away from the South! It's amazing how time flies by. I remember when I first moved I told myself, give it 3 months then decide if you want to stay. Then that timeframe came and I decided, ok make it to 6 months and then decide if you want to go home. Then I decided I wasn't ready to go home yet I wanted to explore a new territory. So I packed all my stuff up and ventured down to San Diego where I never had to give myself a goal and evaluation period on whether or not to go home.

In this year and 11 months I have come to realize more about myself and California in a very general overview. Here are just a few things I've come to realize.

*Nobody will watch out for you except for you- this is so true. Only you can make yourself happy.

*If you don't have goals you will end up sitting on your ass way to much. A goal can be to walk to the end of the street two nights out of a week or the fact to pursue a completely new career path. Whatever it is you are working towards something.

*If you don't have friends you have a lonely life- in the past two months if I didn't have had my friends calling me daily or stopping by checking in on me then I most likely would be looking for an apartment in Memphis right now.

*Most people in San Diego are transients, they come and 2 years later they go. Most people come out here to party and live it up right before they need to join the real life. Therefore, many of the guys are little immature boys- the real men are few and far. The girls are scandalous and prentitious.. Nothing you would want in a friend.

*Apparently I'm "real and good hearted" which is great. But you would be amazed at how many times a week I meet someone and they tell me this. So, always remember where you came from, your values, morals, and how you want someone to view you.

*Enjoy the rain and the soothing afternoons it brings you. It rained the other night and I rain into the street to dance in it. By the time I got outside it had quit.....needless to say we don't get to spend many lazy days in bed listening to the rain and thunder

*Mexicans really do chop people's heads off.....NOT- well clarification- if you are a drug lord or the 5.0. then you have a high likely hood of getting a machete to your neck. If you are a Gringo you don't go to Tijiuana unless you are American military on break. All other American hit up Rosarita or Ensenada.

*San Francisco is an amazing city that everyone needs to visit at least once in their life

*Getting away from the closed minds in the South has been a good change. In Socal there are no colors describing people. If a gay person talks to a straight person, the straight person never freaks out. A variety of individuals interact in all types of crowds. People need to get over their closed mindedness

*The IT field isn't filled with the typical guy you picture working in the IT department. I love telling people I work in an IT department and watching their face

*Californians don't really know what a roadtrip is. In the South we jump in our car an drive to Destin, Fl or go to Atlanta or Bama. Out here if you go 15 miles East of the ocean you are taking a roadtrip.

*San Diego doesn't have it's own characteristic or theme... it embraces multiple cultures.... Russians, Spaniards, Mexicans, Italians, East Coast Yankees( with much love to all my Yankees reading this ;), Brits, and so much more. It's great being part of a melting pot

*You can't be afraid to try something new.... Sunday I was on a date eating Tapas and my date ordered anchovie stuffed olives. Sounds disgusting but it was awesome! Another tapa to try is dates wrapped in bacon--delic!

*Always listen to people when they talk. Since I have moved here I have met more unique characters than I ever could imagine. The first woman marathon winner, bioscientist, engineers developing the next satellites to orbit our earth, tycoons with to much money for their own good, and rockstars who really aren't rockstars!

*Loving big is still worth it. Then you get to see people's true colors. Good, bad, and ugly.

*When you make a mistake, you admit like an adult. If you are to scared to talk about it you grow up and face it. Running from mistakes only frustrates people.

*Good things still happen... so always keep a positive mind. Things happen for a reason, don't ask why, just keep living and having fun.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

You can vote however you like

I don't remember my elementary school song classes being like this. Watch the token white kid dance.