Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DC Part Deux

Well, I headed back to DC this past week for Rick's cousins wedding. On this trip got to meet alot of Rick's extended family as well as friends from college. While I was there it rained the entire time!!! But hey it made my trip. I just opened all the windows in his apartment and relaxed. However, that will be my last trip to DC while he lives there. Here are just a few pics to enjoy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Washington DC Part One

So, you have one guess as to where I am at the moment I'm writing this blog?? ...... At an airport of course. Currently, I'm stationed on an uncomfortable bench waiting for our third airplane. Yes, that right. My jinx of bad luck with airplanes is still following me around. To help pass by time I will update my blog, which I relentlessly have failed to do in the past months on everything that has taken place in Sarahland.

Four weekends ago I was preparing myself for a relaxing weekend. I had a girls night on the town and spent most of my time picking out outfits for the next weeks travel. This schedule for this week had RnR up in Washington DC with Rick. I was able to pull off the Monday-Friday visit due to a convention I had to attend on Thursday. So, I packed up and headed to the other coast. After I arrived in DC at Rick's apartment I was given a two hour window to nap (I took the redeye in) and then head into the city to visit a few museums with Rick and four of his younger sisters and brother. Let's just say it was quit an experience. First, I never made it to taking a nap because I kept getting phone calls from everyone. Then I was given directions that are "easy" for anyone to figure out. I guess with no sleep and absolutely delirious I was the only person who couldn't figure the directions out- oh not to mention, I still hadn't eaten since lunch on Monday afternoon. So, I head down the street to where I think the Metro is. As I talk to Brooke on the phone and get all the updates on her upcoming wedding and fill her in on my life I realize at some point or another I have completely made a wrong turn. Never fret, I'm not scared to ask for directions. Wrong idea in DC- the people won't leave you alone!

Finally, I make it to the metro buy my ticket and hop on a train. Now the last time I took a Metro/ Train was when I was in NYC my senior year of college. The sad part is Brennan and I thought we were taking the right train but we ended up in Harlem. So with Harlem in the back of my mind I hopped on what I was praying would take me somewhere near to a museum. Thankfully, DC is full of museums so any stop will work!

By the time I get off the Metro I think Rick and his sisters and brother had been waiting on me for thirty minutes. Once I arrive we head to the Air and Space Museum, which I have to say, even 9 years after my last visit to it,it is still intriguing. Then we bounced over to the Natural History Museum. Unfortunately, we did not get to spend very long at this museum.

Wednesday morning came sooner than I would have thought. Today was full of site seeing. Rick, his colleague, and I started our morning by listening to Senator Feinstein of CA speak. It was very interesting being the only Republican in a room full of Democrats. At one point I wanted to stand up and scream you are so wrong!!! But seeing as how I was outnumbered and still tired from the redeye the day before I decided to sip my coffee and shut up. Following her speech we took a tour of the Senate which was led by an intern from CA was wants to go into politics. I must say, if this girl wants to go into politics she has seriously got to change how she speaks. Every other words was "like" "oh mygah" .... I mean seriously my friends friend works out in the same gym as Obama. How cool is that?" This was about the time I wanted to start beating my head against the wall and scream "IDIOT- learn to speak professionally!!"

After the Senate tour Rick and his colleague headed to work and I was off to visit more museums. First I headed to the Contemporary Art Museum. It was not as impressive as I would have thought. Next, I went to another Art Museum right on the Mall which was more than I expected. After that I found a spot on the Mall park bench and took a ten minute breather to take in the sights of everything around me and all the screaming kids who amazingly weren't at school. AFter this I went to my favorite museum of this trip, the Newseum. I highly recommend if you are in DC to take 2-3 hours to go visit this spot. It is a collection of different media outlets. For once in my life I could sit back in a museum and say I actually remembered when these events happened. Even more interesting the pictures and film footage and newspaper articles captured moments in our history that engulf you in the moment. So, I opted to spend most of my time here.

Next day I worked. It sucked. Driving in DC is something I NEVER want to do again. However, Thursday night was great! Rick took me to a fabulous dinner at Ruth Chris in Baltimore where his friend Ivon joined us. If you are in Baltimore I definitely suggest you go here. As always the food was phenomenal but the building and dark wood was incredible inside the restaurant. After stuffing myself silly, which I was glad my dress was baggy and had stretching room, we headed next door to a bar.

Before I knew it Friday had already jumped upon me and it was time to leave. Don't fret my travels and time with Rick were finished. Friday morning we headed off to San Francisco bright and early to meet up with my family for the Mississippi Road Builders Association. Arriving at the same time as my parents, Rick and I hopped in a cab and headed into the city. I was so glad to get back to one of my favorite cities in the country! I absolutely love San Francisco and if I opt to move again this definitely is a spot on the top of my list!!

After dropping off our bags in our rooms Rick, Mom and Dad Hill, and myself headed out for a quick bite to eat and then site seeing. I officially rode my first authentic trolley; no I don't consider the Memphis trolley authentic. We went down to Fishermans Wharf and walked around taking in the different sites of Alcatraz in the distance and all the boats in the boat yard. next stop, on a tour boat that took us underneath the golden gate bridge and around alcatraz for an upclose view. Then the real fun began. We took a side street thinking we would find the trolley at some point or at least a cab. Oh yea, I forgot to mention 3 out of 4 of us did not have comfortable shoes on. So we began our treacherous hike up and down the San Francisco hills. Now prior in the day my mom has pointed out Coit Tower to us and then the boat captain did so as well. So as we began walking past where it was Rick suggested we go up there. After a delayed debate we headed up the straight inclined hill that needed railing to keep us from falling to the Coit Tower. I literally just wanted water and a foot massage after five minutes of our hike.

After the Tower we then proceeded to look for cab but ended up walking the five miles back to the hotel where we didn't stop and take much of a breather- we then headed to dinner. Now, it's just a pitty when you are so tired you can't even enjoy a good dinner. I think our entire table sat at dinner that night trying to hold conversations but instead we just sat there with glazed over eyes.

Saturday came before I even realized it. Rick hopped up that morning and went for a 14 mile run around the city. He said he ran to the baseball stadium around the wharf and all the way over to the golden gate bridge...... I personally would have cabbed it but all in all I bet he got to see the best parts of the city. While he was on his run me and the Hill parents walked down to the Fresh Market. Now if any of you are planning a trip to SF I highly suggest while you are there on Saturday to walk down to the piers next to the financial district and check out the Farmers Market. It is amazing!! Be sure to take you appetite because of all the fresh cheeses, breads, and fruits you will be test trying!

Even though much much much more happened in SF I'm opting to stop here. SF is such an amazing city that I can't wait to visit again soon. Maybe next time I go we will take the train from SF all the way up the coast. But if you beat me there be sure to set aside time to wander through Sausalito...... you won't be disappointed.