Saturday, September 8, 2007


Ok everyone, super sorry I haven't posted here lately. With the move, travel, work and everything in between I never set up a phone line for internet. So I decided to take a break from the beach life and wander into a Starbucks to update everyone really quick.

The new move is AWESOME!!! I absolutely love San Diego. Every part of it too! Thank goodness for all of you who have sent me names of people who live down here because they have been checking on me and taking me out and getting me acquainted with the SD life. Now for the updates:

1. Yes, there was a riot in the town i live in (pacific beach) and no it was not as bad as the media made it out to be. For one thing none of the rioters were the ones who "pushed" the cops ATV's into the ocean. The dumb cops parked the ATV's next to the water while high tide came in. So the water took it away. As for 500 people involved. Well, come on that was the only excitement everyone just wanted a glimpse.

2. I hung out with Cain and his cousin the other night. Cain's a friend from the last town i lived in. He was in town to pick up is cousin from the airport since his cousin Kent was racing in the last race at the Del Mar track for the season..... Talk about a short guy! But hey, now I can add pro jockey to my list of famous people I"ve partied with..... and I also know to bet on him!! He's won three kentucky derbies!!

3. I love my new job. It's so great to be working with corporate america again! Everyone I work with is great too very talented.

4. The Studio is so fun!! I promise I will post pics next week when I get internet or I amy venture back to Starkbucks this week!!