Sunday, April 6, 2008

More random travel

So right before Rick moved we went up to Big Bear to go snowskiing.....twice. The first time we took to long getting up there so we just ventured around Lake arrowhead because the mountain ski area was closing. The second time, well, after being turned down the mountain for not having snow chains we finally made it to the slopes. Let me just say, snowboarding is painful!!! I think it's safe to say though, everyone had fun, bruises, yelling, and all. It was however, very tiresome! I couldn't even keep my eyes open for the 2 hour drive home.

Other than that not much has been going on in my life. I work, eat, sleep and play. I went up to Santa Monica Last weekend and visited Rachel McDonald. It was so great going out with a good ole Southern girl and laughing about so much. I can't wait until she gets a free moment and can come to San Diego!!

Where to even begin

Well, as you can from my last post I have been gone for awhile. So far back that I don't even know where to begin on the updates? First, let's start with the big 25! This year I opted to stay in town for my 25th birthday. Heather and Lauren both flew in to help out with the celebrations and to meet my friends out here. The weekend started off with me taking off from work for the afternoon and picking up the sisters at the airport. We then proceeded to squeeze all of their luggage into my studio and head to the beach for an afternoon cocktail. And where did I take them? To the rooftop of the firehouse of course! So as we sat there doing the quick updates on everyone they met they got to see their first sunset of the weekend on the roof.

Next, we headed down to Old Town. Now, old town is a part of San Diego that feeds off of tourist and is known for having the best and most authenic mexican food. Instead of getting Mexican food we went for my favorite Sushi bar, Harney Sushi, named after the street it is on. Now just remember, this sushi bar is VERY popular. So we get there and put our names on the list and head next door to a wine bar for a few drinks before our 45 minute table wait. Soon after arriving to the wine bar Rick and Jenny met up with us for dinner. After our 45 minute wait we headed back to Harney Sushi and waited another 2 hours and 15 minutes ---hey it's well worth it! Soon Heather and Lauren got to get a little taste and they both agreed it was great sushi! Even better, in their hazy state they kept laughing at one of the roll's name: Mi So Harney.

Saturday arrived with a few headaches but we hopped on the beach cruisers and the girls really got to see the whole Pacific Beach and Bay area with an afternoon ride. Note to self, don't ride a bike with a broken seat or handle bars that pull out. My bike, that my friend Conrad so graciously allowed us to borrow, had a seat that continuously kept falling off. It was quit humurous!

Off to downtown! Saturday night I opted to have dinner iwth the sisters only. After pumping them up about my favorite restaurant in Little Italy, the moment finally arrived. AFter a bottle of wine, appetizers, and more pasta that could fill you, we sucked in our stomachs and met up with my friends for the bday bash.

Sunday, Lauren was off in the early morning back to Nashville, however, Heather and I got to adventure a little bit more. After a Rick surprised me with a birthday cake and the traditional song, the three of us drove to the bay where we spent our afternoon on Rick's friends boat. Lauren, Denver, Mom, and Dad all got the text messages with HEather and I amonst the ocean- the only thing we stated was, doesn't Mexico look great! Needless to say we got a few phone calls asking why we were in Mexico (that was the one weekend rule was we couldn't go to Tijuana!)

I think it's safe to say Heather and Lauren approved of all of my friends and boyfriend for the birthday weekend- which just so happens to be a first!