Thursday, January 31, 2008

A shout out from Vegas

Do you ever associate your life with a certain song? Since November my life theme song has been Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again." Or whoever sings that song. This time I sit here blogging to you from Sin City, Vegas. With President Bush across the street at the Venetian we have been limited to getting our attendees to the airport. Better yet, President Bush has been so kind to help assist the horrible airlines in delaying flights- it's not like they need any additional assistance with that! Thanks Bush, just making my life easier and more stressful!

So, back to life...... Vegas- I think we all remember my first trip to Vegas almost exactly a year ago for my 24 birthday party. If you don't remember then pull up the old archives from a year ago on my blog site (located in the bottom right side of the page.)Anyhow, the trip started out stressful. Let me jump back. Saturday night I played DD for my friends since I knew I would be up early the next day leaving town. After having a stressful evening of drunks downtown I finally made it home and to bed at 3 am. As the alarm rang at 7 am I thought about calling all the sweet friends who refused to the leave the bars at a sensible time and wake them up... but I didn't. And another reminder for all of y'all. If you call me early or late and wake me up, then you get the same treatment back. Do unto others as they do to you- right? : ) Soooooo... I left town aggravated with that issue and others and drove to Vegas.

This week I was in Vegas for our client Acclarent. This time it was for their International Sales Meeting I have been planning. Once again, all of the attendees have been sweethearts. Secondly, I have gained 15 lbs. Seriously!! I think the food in this town is the best reason to come. I have had Italian, Mexican, Sushi, Japanese, Chinese, Carnege Deli (which included the entire pig on my sandwich)lots and lots of sweets, and every other type of food under the face of the planet. Basically I have stuffed my face for an entire week. It now looks like I will be doing the Ramen Noodle diet until my birthday!!!

Speaking of birthday, it's right around the corner. I now am about to be a quarter of a century old!!!! I suppose one of these days I should act like it. Right now I am working off of no sleep. Literally. My intern and I decided to go out for a "few drinks" last night which turned walking in our sleeping room as the front desk was giving us our wake up call. Hey, you live once!! So, as I sit here sitting at our registration desk yelling at rude old men to shut the hell up and sipping on my 8th cup of coffee, I am contemplating this growing up thing. It's time for my butt to settle down.....haha, I believed that for about 10 seconds.

Well, I'm off to reconciling this budget and the meeting from hell we did in Phoenix two weeks ago. Until next time......