Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cousins kick butt!

As most of you already know I have gotten visitors usually twice a month since I have moved here. This past month my cousin Brad and his girlfriend came out to LA for a week to play and work but mostly play. So one night I decided to join up with both Brad and Julia along with a few of Brad's co-workers and take them out on the town. What did suck was it was the first night none of the clubs had anything good going on. So we dined on Sunset at a great lil Italian joint and then walked up to a pub for the rest of the night. As you can see we did have a casual night of playing darts. However, what you don't see is the video of Brad dancing for all the LA'ns in a lord of the dance style. Just ask me to send the videos it's great! But as always it was so much fun to meet new people along with visiting with family and being able to show them around the town.

Oh yea, just to inform everyone Brad and I dominated the dart boards winning 4 of 4 games..... How about that!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Conserve gas ride a bike, PB doesn't discriminate!

The task this weekend was to find an apartment in one days time. After lots and lots of searching and lots of help from all of you I eventually found a place to call home. Although it was a streneuous day it was a fun day. The morning started off with a breakfast date. We rode beach cruisers down the ocean boardwalk, bay, and through all the PB (Pacific Beach) neighborhoods. It was amazing just to see how many people actually ride beach cruisers. I know I definitely will have to get one, even though I'm literally only a few blocks from the beach, it will be so much more convenient to ride a bike everywhere instead of fighting the insane traffic down here. Anyhow, back to the morning. So get this, I suppose the "conserve gas" philosphy is growing and people are really beginning to ride bikes everywhere that the need for valet bike parking has arose. When we got to the firehouse, the restaurant/ club, we had breakfast at that's exactly what you could do with your beach cruiser! How fabulous!!!

Although someone told me she thinks it's ghetto to ride a beach cruiser, I still want one! I just will have to convert you when you come visit by refusing to drive anywhere and only allow biking it for the weekend!

Some of these pictures are from the rooftop of the studio too.