Saturday, July 7, 2007

Roadtrip with the Weekend Roommates

This past weekend mom and dad finally came out to visit me. Instead of sitting around the apartment we decided to take a little roadtrip. The weekend started off with dinner with one of dad's friends who lives outside of Newport Beach. We went to the Mission Inn, a historic hotel located in a town nearby, Riverside. Then the next morning we were off to the Sequoia National Forest where we ventured through all the BIG trees. Dad and I even ventured up this Moro Rock (the pictures that have the top of the sky in the background. After we finished venturing through the forest we decided to grab a bite to eat. Note: if there are flys in the restaurant you are at and the waitress offers to spray bugspray on your table to disperse them, leave immediately! That was our story at dinner that day. The next day we headed back down south. However, after a brush fire shut down the Interstate we were on we had to make a slight detour, which lead us through another national forest. This forest however, was just long roads that looked over the entire valley. A great view however a long ride that lead to an interesting midpoint. this is true too, mom and dad took me to a biker bar for lunch! While we were eating our lunch we overheard one of the locals who were drinking their beer at 11 am state to the owner, I didn't even know you served food. This tickled mom beyond belief!!

After departing the biker bar we then cotinued over to the coast. Our first stop was a quick visit to Santa Barbara beaches. A very pretty area I recommend you visit. Then we went down to Ventura where we stopped for the night. The hotel we stopped at was on the ventura harbor so we went down to the harbor where we found a little dive had a few drinks and continued walking around until we found a seafood restuarant to eat in. The next day we headed back towards Redlands with a brief drive-through of Old Town Pasadena.

After arriving home we ran a few personal errands and then mom and dad were off and I went out of town for work. All in all I'm still trying to recoup from but enjoyed a weekend with the rents!