Monday, January 8, 2007

First night out on the town

After spending one night in my apartment and a day consisting of nothing but unpacking a phone call to visit a friend in LA came at the perfect time. So, I did exactly what I always do I went to visit my friend. So I mapquest'd the route and headed to LA to go out with Teresa.

I actully was not sure what I expected the night to contain but all I knew was how tired I was. Arriving in LA around 9 PM I was amazed that I even found Teresa's apartment without getting lost! Then the fun begin, it has been ages since I parallel parked and boy was this a task! I think Teresa and I just laughed at my thirty minutes try at one spot.

Once dressed to impress we headed to The Spider Club for a charity fundraiser, LA Love. The evening event was to raise awareness and funds for children of Uganda. While there I also got to see another former MSU friend, Bonnie. So after arriving Teresa's friend Matthew Fashion, an actor, came and hung out with us along with his agent Sarah. As we all sat around and laughed we then concluded it was time to head to another club. Les Deux, apparently where Brit Spears has been spotted frequently since the break from ex K Fed, was as suspected, amazing. Only we didn't realize we were crashing the Dolce Group Party! Matthew called the owner who ok'd our pass by the security and we were in for good! With an open bar we were set for the evening except for one thing.....FOOD! At this point we all were hungry but all the food had been put away. So being problem solvers we are we just walked into the kitchen, introduced ourselves, and asked for food. Boy were we shocked at what we got- Crab Cakes, some fried chicken things with cheese, and raw oysters! Yum was an understatement! After spending countless minutes in the photobooth laughing and taking pictures we decided to call it a night and headed in. All and all I had more fun than I ever expeceted!

The big move

Well, the day finally came, and that day is me getting setted in California. The past week Momma and Daddy Hill packed my car on a trailor behind the Navigator and we headed West- extrememly far West. The three day drive across the country on Interstate 40 actually went rather smooth. We actually got rather fortunate in missing all of the snow storms across New Mexico. Although the drive had one main purpose which was to make it to Redlands but the second day we did make time for a quick detour. After watching the country fly by me from a car window it was time to actually get out and walk around and that is what we did at the Grand Canyon. How my father ever walked this I have no idea- it's freakin HUGE!

The cross country roadtrip did conclude once we seeked out an apartment, furniture, and all the little knick knacks that follow. So, with my apartment setup and everything placed in it's new spot I have begun the new chapter. Below you will find my new apartment address so feel free to pack your bags and head out this way for a visit! Once I get pictures of my new home I will place them on here. Til then......