Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monster Truck Rally with Wine.... oh my!

My 4th of July weekend started off with a bang! First, work closed down Thursday after lunch... So, I was able to go home and clean up my house knowing lots of friends would be over for the weekend. Now that thought right there was a dumb idea. If you know people are coming over to your house and it will soon be engrossed with bottles, trash, clothes, and other random crap all over your place then why should you even have to clean up? So after the spring cleaning spree finished I went out for a stroll around PB since the weather was so great. And finally, it happened.....I finally got a feeling of "home" on Thursday- it was just because I bumped into someone I knew walking down the street! I know, only I would get excited; but that's a big deal once you move- the likelihood of seeing friends while you are out and about unexpected. After chit chatting it up for a few minutes and learning my friend was headed to the beach to surf I let the little line slip, "when are you going to teach me to surf" come rolling out of my mouth. So, Andrew took me to the beach with all attempts to make this the day I learned to surf. Now, once I got to the beach it was a completely different story. I gave every excuse in the book just so I wouldn't have to get in the water and try this out: "I have mascara on and it will run!," "My swimsuit isn't really the surf style swimsuit," "the water is tooooooooo cold and I don't have a wetsuit", and low and behold the one that worked, "last time I did a watersport with a board 18 staples went into my head after part of it was shaved, I DON'T WANT TO." So I did not learn to surf.

In recent years PB has always been known in SoCal as a place to be on holidays, so I hear. Beaches were packed so bad that you apparently never saw sand. You just walked from tent to tent, stuck you cup under a keg and mingled with people you would never see again. That is until this year. Yes, old people finally got their way and passed the no drinking on the beach ban. Thus, started this years 4th of July block parties. Not once did I step onto the beach this 4th of July. Instead, a group of friends just walked from house to house to house to house. Which, in the long run is very safe! But the best part of 4th of July was my roof (who would have thought :) I had a spectacular view of 5 different firework shows.

Saturday I woke up feeling like crap, I'm sure it had a little to do with all the partying the day before but it also had alot more to do with the cold I have been harboring over the past 5 days. However, it did not stop me from going out and spending my weekend in the sun. Saturday was Sailing and Tourist day in my book. Rick rented us a 14ft sailing boat and we went out into the harbor and he attempted to teach me how to sail. After an hour of me not understanding I just sat in the bottom and layed out. Afterwards we hopped in the car and headed out to the lighthouse to catch views of the entire downtown and learn more about San Diego's history. (Note: Visitors, another must to see!)

Sunday: As bad as I felt on Sunday you would have thought I would have stayed home; but how can you stay home when it's the last day of the county fair??? Do you remember all of that greasy fried sugary food fairs have? Well it has gotten WORSE! There now is a hamburger with buns that are Krispy Creme Donughts...disgusting! and no, I did not try that. So, this is where it got really interesting. When you think of Cali what all do you think of? Lots of stuff right? Well their fairs have exactly that!! We went to a cheese and wine tasting, pig races, Monster Truck and Transformers Show, Hypnotist,Salsa band, and so much more. It was very tiresome and it did me and my cold in. Sunday night I hit rock bottom and drug this cold into the work week....uhhhh.