Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chapter Three- A Young Professional in the City

Well, as many of my readers know, ALOT has happened this past year. I've tranformed from a rough job into a job that not only excites me everyday but challenges me too. I've made a handful of amazing friends who guide me through my daily journey. I've dealt with a heartbreak and learned to get on with and without grudges. And finally, I've lived at the beach and in a cute beach town most people in SoCal travel to visit for a weekend of fun.

Unfortunately, chapters end in our lives and we have to move on even if others aren't ready. That's why with the start of 2009 I am beginning chapter 3 of Sarah in California- The Young Professional in the City. What do I hope for in this new chapter to include? Well for starters, hopefully a move..... not to far this time! I'm am hoping to become a resident of the 92101-aka Little Italy in downtown San Diego!! I'm so very excited. My past two weekends have included me checking out different condos with amazing views of the city skyline and the bay. This is the one place I've taken all of my family to when they come to visit. The authenic Italian food and little community is a must see. I have to say I think Mom, Dad, Heather and Lauren loved this little community!

Secondly, I'm looking acquire my professional license for Project Management- everyone say a prayer that I pass! For the past few months i have attempted to study but come Christmas time is when I really have to buckle down and start making progress.

Third, I'm going to start listening to my friends more- especially when they are giving me advice about my love life. They are the ones who see everything when you are blinded by love. So, now it's time for opening new doors, especially if I'm going to be living near oh so many downtown professionals!

Finally, I may try to start working out. No promises but with so many amazing trails to hike around here I should take advantage of that. The working out may just be me snowboarding on the weekends at Big Bear too.

However, I think out of everything in my new upcoming chapter I am most excited about my job with Bedrock and Qualcomm. Everyday I learn something new about the industry, meet a new individual, or am requested to take a project in a new direction. I am so glad I finally found a job that thrills me.

So.... now that all these changes are about to occur just cross your fingers everything goes well and chapter 3 turns out to be positive memories!