Monday, April 9, 2007

My first Holiday alone

....I survived it, my first holiday alone! I actually was unsure what I was going to do because I had so many options. Between the two girls at work who wanted me to come to their family Easter celebration and then all the guys I run around with I felt really special.

So, I opted to go over to my friends home since they wouldn't be with family either. Thinking it was only going to be me and two fo the guys I was surprised when J- our friend from a small island right about South America, came in the door. Then there was another surprise, a friend from high school showed up for dinner to. So you see, I was surrounded by 2 TN boys, 1 Cajun, and 1 South American.

All in all it was great. I cooked this really good chicken dish that is marinated in OJ and red wine mixed with fresh vegetables. Yummm!!