Friday, September 19, 2008

A walk down the boardwalk

Yea... this actually happens in PB. Notice where the flag is sticking from!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A blonde moment....or a scam

Earlier this month I took my car into the Nissan dealership only to receive a $800 quote of "must haves". After a quick phone call to someone I know who fixes cars he just laughed and laughed at the stuff I was told to fix...apparently a couple of the items I was told to fix don't even exist. Needless to say we bargained and got the costs down to $200.

Now last Thursday when I left work I noticed "Service Engine Soon" light on. That morning it wasn't on, so immediately I was upset that I needed to take my car back in. So Friday I left work and dad and I walked my car down to a Mom and Pop shop a block away. The guy said he'd plug my car up to some machine and see what was wrong. Not even an hour later I get the diagnosis- your gas cap was left off. Now immediately I did not want to tell my parents what the mechanic told me. How could I leave my gas cap off? Better yet, why did it take that long for the service engine light to come on when I had bought gas 3-4 days earlier? So I walk down to the car shop, still feeling like a complete idiot, only to find out someone syphoned my gas (or that's what they think). Man what a relief.... I'm not a complete idiot!