Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So we all know I don't think things through, which is quite scary. This afternoon after the conference ended instead of heading to the casinos I thought I would save the few $$'s I have and go Mountain Biking with my three bosses. So I went and rented a bike, which was more expensive than most things I own, and headed towards the mountains all excited for this new thing. First thing I was thinking, how hard can mountain biking be?

BIG mistake... BIG! 7 miles into the ride I got off my bike and just started walking up the incline. Pain and stinging sensations were going through my legs and back, but I was determined to stick it out..... for five more seconds! So I broke away from the group and enjoyed the ride downhill for the next 7 miles.

My new goal- I'm getting in shape so I can actually ride up a mountain without the pain.

(These pics also include the resort we are staying on.)