Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun Times at Mississippi State University

The other day I noticed this video on my good friend Brooke's Facebook page. It reminds me so much of how BIG of dorks we were in college and how often we did stuff like this thinking it was the only fun we could find. Anyhow, it's absolutely pointless but it brought back so many memories from climbing the movie theatre fire escape ladder to the watch the sunset and look over all of Starkville, getting lost in the refuge and showing up late to a date because our Tahoe was stuck in mud up to the middle of the doors (yup we had to climb out of the sunroof), house parties, and the horrible Chinese Food in the Union. Needless to say, I miss all that aimless fun!

If you know Brooke or Cat I know you probably have already seen this and can already picture them sitting outside the CVS/ Walgreens doing this. For those who don't know them, this is my little sister and her roommate, two insane outgoing girls I ran around with during college. They both just finished up their Master Programs at MSU and are headed into the real world this summer. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unclaimed Baggage

The other morning I was watching the Today Show and became intrigued by the fact airlines are actually able to sell unclaimed baggage now. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. After so many days if the individual does not show up to get their unwanted garments then it becomes the airlines property. In return the airlines have opted to gain more of our money by selling the baggage. (This is about the point I start stomping around saying why didn't I think of that??? ) My question is when and will the airlines every just happen to "pick" certain bags that they have already looked through that have more value than other. Then somehow, that bag just ends up in a back room red tagged to be sold. Thus, leaving you on your trip without even a spare change of clothes.

Anyhow, think of what all you take on your trips- your favorite outfit, jewelry, shoes, etc. Well, now your loss is everyones gain! I still haven't been able to locate the link for the Today Show spot but here is a website that is claiming they actually sell the lost luggage and soon to come they will place it on ebay. So, to all my family and friends in the South, pack your cars and head to Alabama to hit up the treasures of the sky.

Below is a receipt of a recent visitor to the store:

Unclaimed Baggage Center
Scottsboro, Alabama

Lost treasures from around the world

Salesman # 37 459830 Date 4-21-07

Men's T-Shirts . 4.00

Ladies shorts 2.00

PANASONIC DMC-FZ1 Digital Camera 150.00


Schwinn double jogging stroller
(excellent condition) 40.00

Gap ladies yoga jacket 4.00

Ann Taylor slacks (new) 20.00

Ralph Lauren sweater (new) 25.00

Children's Tommy Hilfiger outfits 2 @ $8.00 each
Subtotal 426.00
9% Tax 38.34

Total 464.34

Favorite pictures of the week

I haven't posted hardly any pics of my nephew in awhile, but (literally :) ) here are two of my favorites this week!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A day in a surfers life

Today, I am writing you from the beach. How I am picking up a wireless signal I have no idea but hey I am. As I sit amongst the sand and seaweed I have the most awesome view ever- that of the jobless surfers. I guess instead of Tourmaline Beach they should rename this "Jobless Beach." Ever since I opted to "take time for myself" I have found that everyday this beach is swarmed with numerous of surfers who just sit and wait for the perfect wave. Few come and go, while others battle it out. They paddle out to sea and just sit. Some are lucky to catch the ride of their life the first time around and "hang ten" as Natalie would say, others just wait and wait taking a few here and there convinced the perfect waive will come their way soon. No matter how long I sit here, the surfers and I just relax and take in what nature is giving us on the West Coast never worrying about what's next.

It's quit interesting if you have time to just relax and wait to see who will be lucky. In fact, it's alot like life and work. Many of us jump into the ocean head first and take that perfect wave aka job that they ride out the first time around. Others just get smacked around from the crummy waves and never get to tell their story. While finally, you have those individuals who just take a crummy one here and there to learn the pattern and then they endure out the waiting until that perfect set comes in.

So, now I know many of you are thinking, oh great, you have no job and you are on the internet playing. Not entirely. I'm just opting to look and research while watching the surfers- who seem to never work. Each wait and wait for their perfect set to arrive. Likewise, I'm waiting on my perfect set to arrive and ride all of the crummy waves from my past.