Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girls Weekend

Two weeks ago i prepared myself for two close college friends (+ their other friend) to come visit me for 5 days. Well, Continental airlines decided to cancle their flight from Jackson, MS. After sitting around for hours the girls finally packed things up and went back home and to work the next day, only to delay their trip for a week.

Last Wednesday I prepared myself again. This time they made it. So Wednesday afternoon I picked up Meagan, Mary Margaret, and Nicole. First thing I did was drive them to Coronado only to realize we all were starving and needed to head back to PB. I have to say the trip started off with a bang. We went to dinner and then stopped off at a variety of bars along the way back home. At the second to last stop, we stopped at the Shore Club where we two people in the party fish raced. Yes, fish raced. I have to say- it is much better than the rat races we did in college at Daves. So, while Meagan sat behind her fish blowing bubbles through a straw I noticed a guy walking by with an Ole Miss t-shirt. Of course I immediately shreked and grabbed him. Here a little how the conversation went (and remember I have guy friends and girl friends all looking at me like I'm crazy)
Sarah- You went to Ole Miss? We all went to State
Random- Yea, but I'm from Memphis
Sarah- Me too, actually Collierville
Random- Me too, I lived on Holmes
Sarah- "Shrek" that's right by my house I was in Snowden Farm
Random- OMG your tall Sarah from the middle school bus

Now remember, this is in San Diego- half the country away from Collierville. So i finally realized who I was talking to, Collin who lived next door to the Swanks, Random- but the weekend got more interesting. i met a neighbor who was from Jackson MS... i think MS folks are just flowing in freely these days!

So let's see. The rest of the week/ weekend the girls went to the zoo, balboa park, hillcrest, coronado, pb, and so much more! Friday night they got a glimpse of our downtown life. Even though the Ivy was dead I did realize how many people in the South are still stuck in their old school mindsets. Now before I tell you what happened you need a brief on the club we were at. The Ivy isn't the type of place everyone goes to. You pay a nice hefty price to get in. You stand in lines forever just trying to get in, well we don't since we are pretty and have long legs, and is very latty dah. So with that said, me, the three MS girls, and Natalie all go to the Ivy. By pass the normal line and get escorted to the front of the line and head into the swanky atmosphere. First we headed to the basement to dance. Then we went to the second floor to talk our way up to VIP on the roof overlooking all of downtown. When we got to the second floor one of the MS girls just stopped and looked scared. She requesetd we leave immediately that she didn't like the club anymore. When we asked why, she said because there are Mexicans here.......geeze- she wasn't even blonde. My only response was do you realize where in the country you are... hello less than 10 miles from the border. I'm sure she doesn't get out much in Jackson MS for fear of alot of things. Needless to say we put her in a cab not to long after that remark- and the night rocked on. Please people, get the stereotype mindset over with... I suppose I could just say, well, she was just a typical Ole Miss girl who was just way to far from the South to know what to do (all ole Miss friends reading this please disregard that comment : )