Sunday, January 11, 2009

15th Story Breeze

While everyone else in San Diego is cheering on the Chargers I am finishing unpacking from my move yesterday. Yup, that's it- I moved again. Not to far, just 10 miles down the road from the beach. Now I reside in 92101 otherwise known as downtown San Diego. As day two is almost coming to an end I still am in awe at how large my "penthouse" condo is!! My new place now is double the size of my old studio. I have gone from one closet to three closets, however, I somehow have all three closets slam packed!

On a side note: 1st- Notice the bookshelf on the left- looking a little tipsy? Overnight the bookshelf has started to tilt downwards. I think this is the only negative thing about the move. 2nd- The entire time i lived in the studio none of my neighbors were ever friendly or ever said hello. While i moved in here I met 6 new people. All whom were very friendly. 3rd- I highly highly highly suggest you never live in a studio.

I have to apologize that these pictures may not turn out to well. I have lost my camera and am working via phone camera....not to fret, my camera was broken anyways. The first downtown picture is from my living room balcony. The second downtown picture is from my bedroom window. I'm sure many of you might not enjoy looking at so much concrete but I love it. Especially watching the sun set and seeing it reflect off the bay.