Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and a New Year

Boy oh boy has 2008 ended in a bang! This year the Hill- Thomson- Glazier clan all met up in Memphis to celebrate Christmas. It started off with a seemless flight across the country. Christmas eve at mass was interesting. Some of you may have heard this story already, for those who have not this is warning to keep you kids away from me. Over thanksgiving in DC i gave James a new toy. Heather had sent his christmas wish list to each of us and on there were guns. apparently James has been running around her house with Heather's spatulas saying bang bang. So a few night prior to my departure i ventured to target to find little pistols to give james. Instead of pistols I found the next greatest thing.... A SHOTGUN! This thing was massive. (It was a nerf shotgun not a real thing). It was great even FAA didn't stop me, which i was sure would occur. So I give James the gift and he loved it. Apparently when James got home he would walk up to Heather and Jason and say "shoot baby Jesus." ...opps good deed gone South.

So back to Christmas eve mass. As we all sat in church everyone kept saying James look Jesus or similar questions about who Jesus is. Let's just say the whole clan was waiting for him to scream out "shoot baby Jesus" in the middle of mass. But James being the perfect nephew as he is, he didn't do so.

2009 with a random bang! This year i'm saying is the year of love- for friends, family, and whomever else falls into my life. This year I celebrated NYE in LA with one of my good friends from college, Rachel. This year I was a purple disco ball for the evening. We started off the night at a house party with some of her co-workers i've met before. Then we proceeded to walk 4 blocks in the frigid weather, no jackets of course, to Bar Mamont a famous bar in Hollywood. Next we went to Happy Endings for a 70's party... it was very fratastic and college feeling. At 11:40 Rachel and I bailed from Happy Endings and headed to another house party. Let's just say our cab pulled up and we ran inside just as the count down began. it was great timing! After spending a few hours here with a fun crowd we headed to some other house. I'm not quite sure what exactly the owner of the house did but it was BEAUTIFUL! After staying there for an hour or so we headed back to the previous hose party.... All in all 2009 was brought in with many many people and places. It was a blast!