Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Break '07

For the past two years I have always found this time of the year to be a difficult time to focus. Not because it's pretty outside but becuase a majority of my friends are still in college talking about where they are headed for their spring break trip. This year was no different. However, this year LA became the destination for two of my best friends. Even though I spent right at 24 hours total with them, they flew in on a Friday and played for an entire week.

This weekend definitely was one of those weekends where EVERYTHING went wrong. Brooke and Catherine both arrived to LAX early Friday morning. My Friday consisted of work and flying out to Scottsdale AZ for work. Needless to say we missed our flight and sat in the airport for an additional two hours. After working in the dessert one day I did however go to Art shopping. Which, ended up good because I bought two new pieces for my apartment. Sunday after the race I packed my things eagerly becuase I knew I was going to see the girls in only a few hours. After getting to the airport with only a few minutes to spare luck would have it I get stuck at the security check point. After throwing away a brand new bottle of lotion and body spray I made the run for the plane.

Then luck hit in. I once again, sat next to a really nice person. This trip I got to sit next to an olympic track and field star. Then the weekend started. First off, the girls knew I wasn't going out when I got there since we were at work at 4 am that morning. So we just hung out in the hotel's bar and enjoyed what we thought was a comedy show..... needless to say, I have officially seen the worst comedy show ever. Some guy dressed up as a robot and told computer jokes, except the jokes weren't funny and made no sense. Then one comedian cursed us out when he found out Catherine's uncle is Karl Rove. You know all these damn democrats out here don't even know what they stand for. They just jump in line behind all the other lemmings. They can't support their opinions but they are so quick to curse you out. Amazing. So after being "shhsd" we just laughed and left.

The next day was spent at Newport Beach. With a blistering 90 degrees we all got plenty of sun and burns. Then we were off to dinner at the House of Blues. After dinner, it was only appropriate to show the girls a good time so we rolled up to the VIP level and sat on a balcony over looking the city.

Needless to say the night didn't end there. Just a prewarning if you ever come to LA- take a taxi everywhere or valet park- otherwise you will be pulling you car out of impound at 2 am like me. So much for posting signs saying you can't park in certain areas!!

All in all I had a blast with my stunna shades and the two wild girls obsessed with the Hills!