Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My favorite random food

...so most of you already know this one. Even though it disgusts every person who has ever heard that I eat this, well, I still eat it. Ha- you have to try everything once right.

Chocolate Macronni and Cheese

I cheat, get two boxes of mac n' cheese. When you go to mix in your milk, mix chocolate milk with your butter and cheese sauce. To top it off just squeeze a little or alot of ketchup into the mixutre!! I told you I eat wierd things.

Or on another note try this.

A fancy dinner
8 chicken breast
olive oil
1 clove of garlic
2-4 cups of a dry red wine
frozen OJ concentrated
red onions
green and red bell peppers
wild rice

Mix together 3/4 flour, tspn of salt, plenty of sprinkles of pepper, in a bowl or plate. Preheat oven to 375. Wash your chicken off and coat all sides in flour. In a skillet add olive oil and minced garlic clove (chopped finely for those who don't know minced.) Then fry all sides of your chicken breasts until the flour turns a golden brown. ( Make sure you have open a window or fan on.) Once chicken is browned place in a casserole dish. In a deep pot mix together your wine and oj. Once boiling turn down your heat and let the juices simmer for a few minutes. Next, pour your juices over the chicken and cook for 30 minutes.

Add more butter and olive oil to the skillet and sautee your vegetables. Once the chicken is finished cooking pour your vegetables on top and continute cooking for 30 minutes. Baste the chicken every 10 minutes. Cook your wild rice and serve the chicken on the top of it.

Super yummie- This is what I cooked for Easter Sunday dinner. The boys seemed to eat like they had never seen food before!

A new yummie

As much as I love to cook and tell everyone about it, I figured it might be time to post some of these ...creations for y'all to try.
I actually just cooked these and they were sooooo good. I think I might go buy another onion.

This is SUPER simple and anyone can do it. The good ole onion rings for those who don't have a deep fryer.

1 onion (I used a purple one, but any sweet onion will do)
handful of flour
red pepper
Tony's cajun seasoning
1 egg white yolk
2 teaspoons or 2 big squeezes of Italian dressing
1 skillet
1 backing sheet

Preheat your oven to 400. Cut your onion up in whatever style you want. In a seperate bowl mix your yolk white and the Italian dressing and mix well. In another seperate bowl, mix your handful of flour, as much red pepper as you can handle, samething for the Tony's cajun seasoning.

Take your cut up onions and saturate them in the yolk Italian mix. Then roll the onions into the flour mixture. In your skillet pour your plain cooking oil-(not olive oil) and fry all sides of your onions. Basically 1.5 minute on each side. After all sides are fried, place the onions on your cookie sheet. Cook them for 3.5 minutes then flip the rings and cook them for another 3 minutes.

Eat em up!!

Monday, June 4, 2007


I believe it is safe to say I am finished traveling, personal travel that is, for awhile. This weekend I headed to Jackson and Hattiesburg for a friend's wedding. And now, I plan to stay in California until late August for Meg's wedding. However, back to the Jackson trip. After arriving late Friday evening we settled for a simple night of bowling. Then the next morning we were off to Hattiesburg. It was great to visit with friends again. This time it was friends from the football team, sorority, and plenty of others.

So there's always a kicker right?? Well, while I was in Memphis a family friend told me she wanted to move to London next summer. Then this past weekend I found out another friend is moving to London the beginning of July. I keep finding evident signs that I don't belong in California but wow- London- now that would be a blast! I have always wanted to move over seas. I have already been to London and definitely think it's a great place.

So, now you all know what I am thinking about... Let's pray I figure out what I'm doing with my life soon!