Saturday, May 5, 2007

SoCal Dating Scene

I'm finally glad to tell everyone I explored downtwon Redlands night life this Friday evening with my friend Teresa. After living here only 4 months I spent my first Friday night since I moved to try and see what this town has to offer.

The evening began with Teresa exploring my apartment and us catching up. First, (sorry T don't get mad) we rewatched Grey's Anatomy, the 2 hr special with Addison's spin off series, and saw Teresa's quick little scene. On a side note, she just did an extra spot on Entourage so keep your eyes peeled!

Ok, onto the good stuff. Friday night festivities took place in downtown Redlands at Charlie's Jewlers. An old jewelry store revamped into the town's hot spot. As we walked in every eye in the place turned and looked at us like we had something written on our foreheads, seriously! As the straight billed baseball caps and tatooed arms kept staring at us like they have never seen a girl in their life we just casually and awkwardly walked to the bar.

After being approached by many people we really did not want to speak to we finally were able to snatch a booth and just spend the time catching up. Prior however, we did scope out a cute man who did not resemble the SoCal man at all.... hence probably why we scoped him. So while we sat and caught up we had a Cage Fighter.... seriously he was a cage fighter how funny is that!!?? A man with tatoos all up his arms, some guy who asked Teresa for her phone number then looked at me and asked me for mine, when rejected he then asked why and how a girl could be at a bar other than to pick up a guy. I think he forgot he was there with his best friends wife. He really didn't think this about this one to clearly.

After giving the cute boy the save me face he just laughed and came to the save after we kicked the boy out of our booth. However, as the three of us laughed about the entire situation he just said of course everyone in here has been watching you you are fresh faces and don't have the Socal look.... it seriously was awkward how everyone stared that night, but what can we say- we got hte Southern appeal!

Now as Teresa and I left we were dying laughing at the entire nights pick up lines and jokes and phone numbers. While walking to my car who should we bump into but none other than the man who asked for both of our numbers and his friends. After shying away and rejecting going to their late night they finally gave up and walked their own ways.

Teresa and I have spent Friday night and Saturday morning in a hysterical laughs about this evening. My first night out on the town has completely been a blast and unforgettable. Cute boys, ugly boys, weird boys, cage fighting boys, and rentless boys but no Southern boys.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Things I learned today......

Feel free to get a good laugh if needed.

1. Don't pack wine glasses in your luggage.
2. Don't pick up broken wine glasses like they aren't broken.
3. A bleeding hand won't quit bleeding unless you quit moving it.
4. Clean out your fridge before you leave on a week long vacation.
5. Start your dishwasher before you leave town.
6. If you are waiting on your luggage at the baggage claim don't stand right on top of the carousel- you may get wacked or your little dog may get wacked by one of my 5 pieces og luggage
7. I am still boycotting US Airs.
8. A toaster can be packed in your luggage and not be harmed a blender however will crack- still usable though!! Wahoo margaritas by the pool this weekend.
9. Carrying a guitar on your back makes the men look and talk more so than if you weren't carrying a guitar.
10. Being called a musician made me laugh harder than anything, I should have sung for them- then they really would have taken that comment back.
11. The girls on the Bachelor are Re-freakin-diculous. If you sign up for the show don't get upset your "boyfriend" is dating 8 other women.... Gahh idiot.
12. If you eat an onion bagel, please I along with anyone else near you, begs that you stay out of public. Or at least don't sit next to me in close quarters.
13. US Airs still sucks.

The big trip back to the South.

A trip that came and went in what seemed as a blink of an eye now leaves me missing the South. Although I thoroughly enjoyed seeing family and friends I do now see why Southerners are so unique. Between the trees that let off pollen that makes it look like it's snowing in the middle of Spring to fried maccaronni and cheese with salsa to sitting around on a back porch swatting at the mosquitos I miss it all.

The trip actually started off with me working for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. So arriving early in the week on Tuesday I jumped the gun early to start the visiting process. Heading out on the town Tuesday night hitting up the Honky Tonks until 4 am I definitely rolled into town like my old self. Even better, I got hurt like my old self. This time like all times it was my knee popping out of socket.... trust me, it did not stop me from imitating what I thought was a good dance moves the entire rest of the week. I know everyone is highly concerned but don't be- it's all good now! I do have to say though, Nashville was fabulous!! Between drinking some PBR... yes, we actually stooped that low and to also showing everyone from SoCal how "we Southerners do it." This year the the Country Music Marathon even had two Hill members participate- Daddy Hill and Aunt Sandy. Oh yea, and I was inside the Titan Football offices on draft day... pretty sweet!

After a stressful 14 hour day I was headed off to Memphis. Skipping out on the concert and playing with my friends one more time I decided it was best to go ahead and head for home. Although it was a short 4 day vacation I feel so extremely relaxed (that may be from the massage though!!) Sunday I said goodbye to a friend who is moving to TX and visited the old stomping grounds down on Mud Island. We we of course partook in the best food ever- Fried Mac! Then it was back to bed. Hey, that long day before was kicking my butt. Monday I got to run wedding errands with mom and see what all progress Lauren and Mom have made for her big day in 2.5 weeks. We even took time out of our busy schedule to get a pedicure. I think mom was telling me my feet looked bad!! Ha. Dinner that evening couldn't have been better though. Monday night I got to see friends whom always brighten my day. We even started planning a winter time getaway to Costa Rica for the upcoming year!! I can't wait for that one. Then Tuesday just was spent visiting with Lauren, running errands, having lunch with Tracy and learning all about her wedding plans, getting the most fabulous massage and visiting more friends that evening.

Now, the one question I got from EVERYONE while visiting and speaking on the phone is: Sarah are you staying out there? You know what, my reply is still the same. I signed a year long lease for my apartment. At this time I will reevaluate the entire situation. I would love to move more towards a beach town but then again I would love to be back where the food is so good it makes you want to slap yo mamma. Lauren put it best when she dropped me off today, take the year, get the experience, and see where it leads you.

Last but not least--- I think everyone should boycott US Airways until they can hire the proper amount of people to check their airlines and make sure they work before putting their passengers/ clients onboard. Yup, you guessed it I'm still sitting in an airport! This makes for 7 flights in a row that have been late and then delayed then canceled. Personnally after the 40 hour trip to make a 4 hr flight I think they suck.

Peace out from a Road Warrior