Monday, November 17, 2008

Key to good shrimp and grits

I finally have figured out the key to making your shrimp and grits phenomenally amazing...... you keep everything the same. However, when you go to sautee your shirmp and veggies add a dry white wine with 2 sticks of butter. Let it all cook down. Then once it's all cooked down add another stick of butter and the key ingredient- half a cup of lemon juice. You will be amazed at the flavors in the entire dish.

High Speed Mini Van Chase

Friday after I left work I was in for a great laugh... how many high speed cop chases involving a mini-van have you seen? This was my first. As the grocery getter pushed the limits of 70 mph on interstate 52 15 cop cars tailed it. Note to all of you who one day plan on being involved in your own high speed car chase- don't do it during rush hour. I mean seriously, you must be an idiot if you think you will get very far during rush hour on a Friday in Cali.

Of course I was fascinated by the chase and helicopters following overhead that the next morning I googled the chase to see what exactly went down.....Apparently it ended shortly after I saw the cop cars. The guy driving the car came to a stand still like I do everyday driving home and decided to run for it. He jumped out of the family mini van and hopped over the guard rail. Now, for all of you who have children this is the most important lesson you teach them- Look both ways before crossing a street. Guy must have never learned to look both ways because as he reach lane 2 of 6 a caddy nailed him. Needless to say, we will call guy Chester the Molester so the car couldn't have hit him hard enough. Unfortunately, he is sitting in a San Diego hospital eating away at my good tax payer dollars. If you care to watch the video go through this link to see the entire story.Caution.. it show's it all.
click on watch video

Have I told you how much San Diego Rocks lately?

The most common statement to come out of my mouth lately is how much my life rocks or "geeze life here rocks." So after many of weeks just playing around wtih friends this past weekend really showed me how good I have it. After talking to Heather and listening to how it's getting cold back towards the Southeast I had to boast a little. This weekend not only did I pull the swimsuits back out but I got burnt. It's the middle of Novemeber and I'm playing every weekend like it's June or July. Saturday we took out a friends boat all day and ventured around in the Pacific Ocean. We were headed to the Coronado Islands when all of our phones were sent a text message. Feeling it was a little ironic all of us received messages around the same time we looked at Mexico's newest PR stunt. Msg stated: Welcome to Mexico to call the US dial 011 +7 digit number. Needless to say Sunday consisted of even hotter weather (96)and plenty of time outside.

Pictures to come soon!