Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mexico City

This past weekend our staff was pulled in two different directions. A race in Manhattan Beach and a race in Mexico City. With everyone wanting to go to Mexico City I somehow was chosen to go. Reason- Sarah's never been to Mexico. So, my week consisted of me trying to learn customs, traditions, and sayings before I arrived in the Spanish speaking country. We arrived Friday to the city just as the sun was setting and quickly made our way to the hotel located adjacent to the World Trade Center. That evening we walked to a "Mexican" Restaurant. (Since it's in Mexico is it still Mexican food or is it just food?) So, as I walked into this festive restaurant all you could notice were straw hats, liquor bottles, and mariachi bands everywhere. The food was to die for!! I have no idea what I ordered but it was called Mortar Soup. It was some type of green soup that looked like mucas, filled with shrimp and vegetables and cactus. It was sooo good!! I think I could eat Cactus everyday as a salad. So as I sat there sipping on the best beer ever a clown ventured over to our table. I can say, this is the first time I have said this line, don't see it being the last, but definitely the most truthful. The clown looked at me saw no ring on my finger and asked if he could marry me. My response, "I'm sorry I just can't marry a man that acts like a clown." Ha

So Saturday didn't begin so bright an early. How nice. We got to work around 7:45 am to find that we couldn't get anywhere near where we needed to park and the fact there was so much security standing around. Oh little did we know the President of Mexico was giving a speech in the grassy area right next to us for Mexico's Flag Day.

As we continued up the street to the expo I soon found out I was going to have to deal with the different attendees who came to the expo-- not what I expectd. Quickly, I was given a crash course in Spanish by one of our client's employees. As they all sat there and laughed at me trying to say the names of the attendees I continued to become more paranoid of what I was saying. You see, the only other interaction I ever had with Spanish was while working for Hill Brothers. One of the guys onsite taught me some Spanish for while I was hiring new employees...granted I thought I was asking questions relevant to birthdate, name, etc. However, little did I know I was cursing them out and asking if they smoked pot. I quickly quit speaking Spanish...until this weekend. So, as I butchered the names and the Spanish I learned I started picking up more terms. Before I knew it I was answering questions--- or what I thought was questions!

After the expo we were off to site see. You will see in my pictures the different places we went. We were able to see the only pyramid left in Mexico City, which is undergound, the Cathedral, the old palace, the army headquarters, the lowering of a massive Mexican flag by the army, and so much more!

Day of the race, I was bored! Since we were just there to teach the Mexican company how to use the products I got to stand around and do nothing. How lovely! Then we were back to the hotel to change and site see some more. We were headed to the Mexican Anthropology Museum but after seeing the lines we headed into the largest park in Mexico City to where they were having a market on all the sidewalks. It actually was much better than a museum of stuff I couldn't read!! We saw a castle, which I don' t have any pictures of, and some other big statue thingy.... I was tired at this point.

Then we were off to the airport. How we made it on the plane I still am amazed. We were stuck at baggage check for almost an hour because we couldn't get our equipment through. Finally, the equipment was pulled apart and all the batteries were taken out. Oh but we still weren't done. The airline wouldn't take the batteries (big batteries) and wouldn't tell us where to put them, so we just dropped them by a trashcan. I swear we looked like terrorists dropping bombs off!! Then the line to go through security was another hour wait. Have you ever seen a woman run in flip flops, a dress, while pulling a computer. Well alot of people saw me do that Sunday night. As we got to what we thought was the gate, which was printed on our ticket, we found out we needed to go to a completely different terminal. So we ran some more. Then we found the plane had't left and we had 5 minutes to kill..... Time to go to the duty free stores! JayR and I went to the liquor store and tried to get some tequila but since we had to stop at another airport before entering the US we couldn't. So we did the second best thing. We taste tested the different tequilas. I found some good tequilas like! I just don't know how to pronounce their names!

Then we were 3 am. Ouch.

A trip home...almost

Well, the time finally came for a trip back to see the family for the arrival of James Hill Thomson. I was able to fly home a week and half after Heather had baby James. It was fun to see the family for the first time in roughly a month and a few days. Although tired from being on the road, I was able to spend one evening with mom, dad, and Lauren before they headed back to Memphis. Heather and Jason however were stuck with me for two more days!

So, since I have never babysat or even held a baby at that, I suppose you can say Karma hit all at once. My trip fell over the President's Day Holiday. So on Monday morning Heather and Jason left the house around 5:30 AM leaving James all alone with me. Let's just say James and I had a nice little chat that if he pooped he would sit in it for the 2 1/2 hours his mommy and daddy were gone..... Man I have a smart nephew. He knew not to mess with me! Ha. Needless to say both James and I survived.