Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stay classy San Diego

.... As Will Ferrill put it ever so perfectly, "Stay Classy San Diego." And with that said, that was last weekend's theme. The night started out with a bang! While living in PB I have noticed that every weekend there are numerous of pub crawls. Which at times can be fun but other times just consists of insanely drunk 20 something year olds dressed up to a theme. Well, during dinner the "dress as an animal" pub crawl came jolting in to Gringos. Ten minutes later I had goat boy standing in front of me on top of my table drinking my beer.... Classy. Next, the girls and guys all decided that we were heading out to the Ivy for a night of fun. The joy of the whole situation it decided to rain Saturday evening. It literally has been a year and half since I last saw rain and the night I finally wanted to go out it rained. So what did we do? We dressed up, hit the town, and didn't let anything stop us from dancing the night away..... well, except for when we were on the roof of the Ivy and the wind and rain dampened our spirits!