Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Down

Unfortunately no Hill girls were Cheerleaders. Sorry Dad you never got the opportunity to do this.

Santa's Gmail

Haha.. Tis the Season. Be sure to click the picutre and read everything! I love that the Tooth Fairy is commenting on the size of chimmney sizes.

Christmas at the Super-Cube in QC

Last year for my first Christmas in San Diego I was amazed at how many people did not decorate for the holidays. I suppose that has something to do with the temperature being so warm here in San Diego. Well, this year I decided to kick all the Bah humbugs to the street and actually decorate. My house got a poinsettia- (I know going overboard huh) and my office got the rest of the deocoartions. Since I joined the super-cube (the place i sit at work) I have befriended several people from other departments that I most likely never would have gotten to know. So the super cube team decided we wanted to decorate in light of the season. So we all did our part and brought in one or two things to help out. Our super-cube is now wrapped with Christmas lights that everyone talks about. I decided that since we spend so much time here at the office we needed a tree! A real one at that! So, I went to my local nursery, dropped $12 and got a real live foot and half tree!! It's so cute. So I hauled it up the stairs to work and surprised everyone when they got in that morning.

Now, working in an IT Department you have to realize I really am one of few women. Therefore a cute dolled up tree was what I envisioned. Not what the boys envisioned. As everyone arrived the morning they exclaimed about the tree and just started adding in toys from their office. Here is what the decorations consist of: A Star Wars Trooper, 4 rednecks with their beerbottles/ kegs, an Austin Powers doll that says things, 4 regular bulbs, a bull, and a bottle of guinness.... Yes not such a cutsie tree after all! But Charlie, the tree, is right at home! Now if only the semi-perfect man was bundled up underneath it with a nametag for me then it would be the perfect tree!