Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's almost Halloween!!!!

Do you know what time it is??? It's fall, and with fall comes halloween!!! Wahoo! In case none of you know, Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday by far! My birthday month of parties usually comes close to the thrill of halloween weekend, but usually not near beating it!

So, the question of the night is what should I be this year??? Last year we were Vegas Showgirls, the year before I was Rainbow Bright (which I still wear the leggings and arm warmers that are multicolored) every now and then. I just can't seem to think of what I want to be this year however. I suppose I could take Meaghan Cox's idea and be "Major Babe" and dress in an army jacket.

So y'all let me know what I should be! That way I can be getting the costume together!


I'm totally about to begin a top ten list of places to visit in San Diego..... when I visit at least ten that is! Ha. But in the meantime while the list is being formed, check this place out. I went on a date the other night here for dessert. I didn't mention to my date that I don't like sugary foods, instead just went. It was AWESOME! I definitely will be taking all you visitors here for their inredible grub!!! Not to mention the atmosphere was cool, (total chic, modern, and clean.) Apparently there are three restaurants in San Diego but the downtown area is the best one with more places to sit and enjoy yourself. Although it was phenomenal food, I still don't like sugary food!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The first two weeks

Wow, ok where to begin about this past week???? I suppose from the first part. First off, when you are planning on moving don't plan anything the few weeks prior. I learned this lesson during this move becuase I found myself having more anxiety abut everything I thought about. However, going back home the weekend prior was so worth all of the anxiety! Below are a few pictures from the trip home for Meg's wedding.

So, we, being mom, dad, and me all made it down to pacific beach last Wednesday. After showing them around the town for the next few days we ventured over to Coronado Island. I highly recommend anyone taking a vacation to this area if you have never been here before. There is the Coronado Hotel, which is a really old and historic hotel that is just a beautiful resort. Located on the beaches you can rent bike, little carts, or beach equipment and definitely spend a day touring all around. They also have a quaint little downtown with restaurants and boutiques and homes you can wander through to waste some time. Another spot we stopped off in was "Old Town." A Mexican influenced section of San Diego, with very authenic Mexican food!! I had mom and dad try out the Horchata, which ended up being the family triva question of the..... for 200 points do you know what Horchata is??? Dirty Rice water! or in a prettier term, rice water, with cinnamon, and sugar. It's super good!! Definitely one of my favorite drinks now! Then it was move time! Which, surprisingly went fairly quick and painless. I now live in a large studio roughly 2 blocks from the beach. The best part is all of my stuff fit within the studio so I didn't have to get a storage unit!

This week has been relatively busy after work. As mentioned in the blog below I went out with Cain and Kent one night, then I went out with another guy I met down here, Eric, a Texan transplanted to the beach, Ryan, Rob and Holley's friend, and Valerie, a friend from my last job. So as you can tell I have begun venturing out into SD getting all types of locals opinions on things and even trying to fit in with the locals! Then this upcoming week I am going out with a friend who used to live in Memphis that now lives in PB and Amy, Erick, and John (Mom's friend's niece.) Maybe at some point I will even walk down to the beach...ha ! Yup that's right, I haven't even gone down on the beach for some RnR yet. Crazy.

One cool thing I did do this week was hitting up the art scene in SD. Ryan took me to the Contemporary Museum of art on Thursday night. I think this is something alot of art museums do around the country- I even think some of the museums in Memphis did it too. Basically, the admission is free to get in, and then there is beer and wine along with bands playing. That is one thing I learned this week about SD is it has a huge music scene that I never knew about! I can't wait to explore that.

As mentioned prior, definitely check out the pics of the past two weeks. It's been a whirlwind but an absolute blast so far!